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Anna Richardson Editorial

  • Costume jewels

    9 September 2010

    Costume design is about creating a fantasy, a new reality, be it on the pages of Italian Vogue, in a David Lynch film or walking through Kilburn dressed as a Punk - this is how costume designer Kate Forbes describes her craft.

  • Odd one out

    9 September 2010

    Making an impact in print doesn’t have to mean high cost - the simplest of concepts mixed with a dash of creative lateral thinking can outshine expensive conventional effects. Anna Richardson looks at recent examples

  • Independent touch

    2 September 2010

    As big, high street brands and smaller retailers alike are embracing more unconventional store design, cultivating that ’one-off’, local look for their latest outlets, Anna Richardson takes the measure of the creative vision of a range of innovative shops

  • Oak challenge

    2 September 2010

    Faced with a 15cm long branch from a dead oak tree, not everyone has the imagination or skills to turn it into a piece of art or a functional design masterpiece.

  • Profile: Judith Schalansky

    2 September 2010

    Designing her own books has allowed Judith Schalansky to explore theories about matching form and content, and build on a childhood fascination with atlases. The German-born author and graphics specialist talks to Anna Richardson

  • In cahoots with Unkle

    26 August 2010

  • 'Zine scene

    26 August 2010

    Fanzines’ anti-corporate stance and lo-fi aesthetic have long made them a favourite with both graphic designers and readers. Anna Richardson examines the history and culture of a wilfully disreputable medium

  • Cyber dynamics

    19 August 2010

    Next month in London sees the second annual festival organised by digital arts organisation Alpha-ville, on the theme of cities of the future. Anna Richardson takes a sneak preview of some of the work that will be on show

  • This is red hot

    19 August 2010

  • Two in one

    Wed, 11 Aug 2010

  • Profile: Silvia Filippini Fantoni

    12 August 2010

    With her strong background in history and personalisation technologies, this versatile Italian was destined for a career in museum interpretation, but has just moved across to a consultancy management role. Anna Richardson talks to her

  • The art of noise

    12 August 2010

  • Ringside seats

    Tue, 10 Aug 2010

  • Handheld universe

    5 August 2010

    Mapping and GPS technology for mobile devices are rapidly coming of age, offering the scope to provide plenty of fun and information along with directions from A to B. Anna Richardson investigates this emerging scene - and wonders a little what will happen to our traditional map-reading skills

  • Tracing the grain

    5 August 2010

  • Profile: Campaign

    29 July 2010

    Launching a retail design consultancy in the current climate is risky, but recession, digital innovation and the environment are sparking its creativity. Anna Richardson talks to founder Philip Handford about new concepts and being cutting-edge

  • Art project

    29 July 2010

  • Screen literate

    29 July 2010

    When a leading ISP publishes its own style guide it’s a signal that if you want to achieve maximum impact online, copy is as important as design. Anna Richardson talks to digital specialists who appreciate the power of the written word

  • Waste not, want it

    Tue, 27 Jul 2010

  • Glass encounters

    22 July 2010

  • Just for you

    22 July 2010

    Print-on-demand is a synthesis of old and new media, offering brands the last word in individualisation and start-ups the ultimate in low-cost opportunities. Anna Richardson talks to designers working in the vanguard of this bespoke publishing revolution

  • Art rebels

    15 July 2010

    Skulls, Mohawks and piercings - alongside an irreverent finger aimed at authority - are some of the images associated with the Punk movement.

  • Flavour of the week

    Mon, 12 Jul 2010

  • Profile: Serie Architects

    8 July 2010

    A theoretical approach based on the cumulative intelligence of structures underpins the award-winning output of this multinational architectural studio. Anna Richardson talks to one of its co-founders about ceilings and the notion of grids

  • Intangible fantasy

    8 July 2010

  • Lights, action...

    8 July 2010

    Dramatic lighting can add a touch of theatricality to any museum or gallery project, but designers must be wary of showcasing the technology at the expense of the exhibits. Anna Richardson finds some installations that not only strike the right balance, but also address sustainability

  • Profile: Kenn Munk

    1 July 2010

    Taking play seriously sums up the philosophy of this Londonbased Dane, who combines a witty facility for the experiential with a talent for teaching design. Anna Richardson talks to him about creativity, consistency and seeing the world differently

  • Civic strategy

    1 July 2010

    Where next for public-sector design, in the dawning age of cuts and austerity? In fact, design is now more crucial than ever to help deliver user-friendly and efficient services for less. Anna Richardson explores the sector’s legacy and why design should continue to play an important role in it

  • Urban contours

    1 July 2010

  • Between the lines

    24 June 2010

    The tried and tested formula of slapping a movie poster on the cover was not an option when publisher Vintage decided to celebrate books that have achieved box office success in film adaptation. Anna Richardson talks to the publisher’s creative team about the design story behind their innovative concept

  • Culture hubs

    24 June 2010

    When it comes to museum retail it’s never enough to simply replicate the high street. The shop represents a cultural institution, so the environment and merchandise should have soul. As Anna Richardson discovers, when it’s done well it greatly enriches a day out

  • Down the rabbit hole

    Fri, 18 Jun 2010

  • Moving the goalposts

    Wed, 16 Jun 2010

  • Profile: Polimekanos

    17 June 2010

    Using graphics as a way to work in many different fields, this quirkily named studio is building its eclectic portfolio through an integrated approach and long-standing relationships with clients. Anna Richardson talks to its founders

  • London recalling

    17 June 2010

  • On a roll

    17 June 2010

    There’s much more to Swiss design than mere minimalism, as Anna Richardson discovers - the next generation of designers, many making their mark over here, are experimenting with looser, more varied and more collaborative approaches

  • Modest models

    10 June 2010

  • Varnished truths

    3 June 2010

    Excessive foiling and other over-the-top print processes have been out of favour recently, reflecting more austere economic times, perhaps. But applied with intelligence and consideration - and in moderation - such finishes can play an effective part in a range of projects, finds Anna Richardson

  • Double trouble

    Fri, 21 May 2010

  • Capital challenge

    20 May 2010

    Illustration and graphic art is going ’a bit free range’, according to Bill Tuckey, who is launching a new series of graphic art exhibitions. ’A number of things have conspired to let them off the leash and the work has become very interesting.’

  • Sheet attitude

    13 May 2010

    Some say big posters represent a dying medium, but their directness and simplicity have long made them a fixture in the world of music and cultural festivals. Anna Richardson looks at some graphic approaches to the big scale dotted around cities throughout the UK this summer

  • Tune into design

    Fri, 7 May 2010

  • Dream teams

    Professional Development Supplement

    Creativity, commercial nous, tenacity, personality, a sense of humour… companies aren’t easy to satisfy when it comes to what they want from the groups they appoint. Anna Richardson has the clients’ perspective on whether designers have the right strings to their bow

  • Take it further

    Professional Development Supplement

    Attending informal events, talks and seminars is a great way of developing professionally - and there are also plenty of stimulating initiatives online. Anna Richardson offers a guide to real and virtual happenings that could expand your mind and skills

  • Logomotion

    6 May 2010

    Clients increasingly have to consider the impact of their brand properties across a range of media platforms, so it makes economic sense to invest in animation at the early stages of any identity project. Anna Richardson talks to leading practitioners about the benefits of keeping things moving

  • Studio Skype

    6 May 2010

  • Political rally

    Thu, 29 Apr 2010

    A familiar cry for innovation echoed around the Institute of Directors convention at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday, in what was an event heavily laced with politics and speakers vying for the top spot in inspirational eloquence.

  • Pixel power

    29 April 2010

    Digital printing is rapidly coming of age, offering great flexibility and detail - as well as colour reproduction that is vivid enough even for fine art books. Anna Richardson talks to designer-makers who are using these processes to maximum effect

  • Comic custodians

    29 April 2010

  • Seamless flow

    22 April 2010

    Wayfinding is becoming an ever more central part of new infrastructure, and it is at its most crucial in the realm of transport. So how do you design signs that are so intuitive that they’re easy to take in under pressure, while also looking good? Anna Richardson navigates recent schemes

  • Route masters

    22 April 2010

  • Milking it

    Thu, 8 Apr 2010

  • Profile: John Smth

    08 April 2010

    Italian designer Matteo Oliverio pursued his passion for play at college in Rome, and now develops toys under studio name John Smth. Anna Richardson talks to him about his sunny disposition, his refusal to grow up and a new collaboration

  • A crucial hub

    08 April 2010

    The ideal business software system should hit that elusive spot between ’powerful and complex’ and ’nice and simple’ - and also help in developing new business. Anna Richardson speaks to a range of design groups about selecting the right software packages for their needs

  • Graphic infusion

    08 April 2010

  • The right fibre

    01 April 2010

    To make an impact in a world dominated by online media, paper has to trade on its special properties. Anna Richardson considers the latest trends in terms of tactility, colour and texture, as well as the increasing popularity of bespoke stock for global brands

  • Sketch it big

    01 April 2010

  • Name check

    Fri, 26 Mar 2010

    Oh, the joy of simple graphic representations. When they involve an effortless play on words, quirky typography and a dollop of humour,  they are pure pleasure.

  • The great and good

    25 March 2010

    Another year, another Milan - news of collaborations, installations and product launches at Salone del Mobile is rolling in thick and fast.

  • Open market

    25 March 2010

    In the quest for the perfect image, designers may spend hours trawling picture libraries and the Web, but often the design process is what makes imagery so successful. Anna Richardson looks at the creative use of stock images and photography ’found’ on the Internet

  • Swathes of wood

    18 March 2010

  • Women to Watch

    Thu, 11 Mar 2010

  • The Sanderson look

    11 March 2010

  • Alpine legacy

    04 March 2010

    Dramatic mountains, bouncing orphan Heidi, healthy cows and holey cheese are all powerful emblems of Switzerland. But why are these images as popular now as they were 100 years ago? That’s the question curator Cynthia Gavranic asks in the exhibition Paradies Schweiz (Paradise Switzerland), which opens at the Museum of Design in Zürich later this month.

  • Everyday East

    25 February 2010

  • Snap judgement

    25 February 2010

    Designers often prefer to source visuals from unconventional places, eschewing the mainstream image libraries. Anna Richardson talks to three creatives about some of their favourite finds - from Ebay slides for a penny to historical engravings

  • Face the future

    Publishing & Design Supplement

    Using distinctive fonts is an effective way of enhancing a publication’s identity. As the boundaries between magazines and newspapers blur, designers are making some innovative choices, finds Anna Richardson

  • Publishing & Design

    Publishing & Design Supplement

  • Northern drive

    18 February 2010

  • Profile - Outside Studios

    18 February 2010

    Outside Studios is rapidly carving out a niche for itself, specialising in the field of interpretation design. Anna Richardson talks to the duo that met creating London Zoo’s Gorilla Kingdom about their winning formula

  • Take stock

    11 February 2010

    Printing on recycled paper alone is no longer the absolute benchmark of a sustainable process, says Anna Richardson, with paper wastage, transportation miles and intelligent use of ink among a host of issues to be considered

  • Surreal overtures

    11 February 2010

  • Everyday experience

    04 February 2010

  • World of shopping

    04 February 2010

    Designers from different corners of the globe see similar challenges in retail design. Anna Richardson speaks to some of them about the creativity and innovation required to create what the consumer wants

  • New World order

    28 January 2010

  • Showcase stars

    28 January 2010

    Exhibitions attract people from all areas of design, and their demands for collaboration and creativity challenge veterans and emerging talent alike. Anna Richardson discovers some fresh approaches in museum and trade shows

  • A broad school

    21 January 2010

    As one of the most robust design disciplines throughout the downturn, digital is an attractive option for ambitious designers. Anna Richardson talks to senior figures about the mindsets and skills you need in this competitive area

  • Licentious letterforms

    21 January 2010

  • A chink of light

    Vision 2010 Supplement

    With clients, consultancies and recruitment agencies all reporting signs of renewed activity in the sector towards the end of last year, Anna Richardson tests the water to see how strong this recovery might be

  • Motion sensors

    14 January 2010

  • Graphic pioneers

    07 January 2010

  • Just the shape

    07 January 2010

    Commissioning a custom font can be an effective way of boosting your brand - and it’s often good value for money, too. Anna Richardson takes the measure of bespoke typefaces for clients ranging from Virgin Galactic to a new literary website

  • Fantastic play

    17 December 2009

    As a repetitive process producing multiples, print has long formed an integral element of many artists’ work.

  • Picture perfect

    10 December 2009

    A good illustrator can add a touch of magic to a packaging design and help tell a brand’s story. Anna Richardson samples a range of projects where illustration has been used to full effect

  • Profile - Sarah Boris

    10 December 2009

    Sarah Boris was always keen to work for an arts centre - a dream she realised at the Barbican and, currently, the ICA. Anna Richardson speaks to the French graphic designer about inspiration and the perfect font

  • Treasure tomes

    10 December 2009

  • Community support

    03 December 2009

    Product development is one way for designers to help communities in the Third World, whether it’s by addressing specific needs or creating employment and income. Anna Richardson talks to designers whose work is having a positive impact

  • Open brief

    26 November 2009

    It’s a transitional time for font design, with the need to make lettering work across a range of media shaping the discipline and opening up new possibilities. Anna Richardson hears how a new generation of type designers views the craft

  • Pop-up art

    26 November 2009

  • Foodie grand tour

    19 November 2009

    Leafing through old cookery books can throw up a tasty mix of nostalgia and incredulity at the dishes we used to appreciate. Recipes and food photography of yesteryear can look amusingly dated.

  • Human touch

    19 November 2009

    There’s no excuse for drab office environments any more, argues Anna Richardson. Indeed, imaginative interiors which offer a bit of privacy as well as great teamworking space are essential for bringing out that creative spark in staff

  • Founding father

    12 November 2009

  • Soft surveillance

    05 November 2009

  • Taboo teasers

    29 October 2009

  • Taking shape

    22 October 2009

    Twentieth-century textile designers struggled to attain recognition, due to the influence of the dominant Modernist movements. A new book profiling prolific designer Jacqueline Groag addresses the imbalance. Anna Richardson reports

  • Comic timing

    22 October 2009

  • Gathering pace

    15 October 2009

    As new digital technologies allow an ever-greater amount of real materials to be used, rapid manufacturing is no longer a pipe dream. Anna Richardson visits The Bartlett’s new DM centre to explore what is already possible

  • All Tomorrow's Posters

    08 October 2009

  • Look lively

    01 October 2009

  • Tracing the line

    24th September 2009

    Hand-lettering has become increasingly popular in recent years as companies look for ways to move beyond the impersonality and repetition of set fonts. Anna Richardson reports on the rediscovery of calligraphy

  • Crossing boundaries

    Mon, 21 Sep 2009

  • Brit impact

    100% Design Supplement

    Dealing with clients or reluctant suppliers and securing funding are some of the challenges facing fledgling design groups. Anna Richardson talks to some of the home-grown enterprises on show this year

  • Euro chic

    100% Design Supplement

    Bulgarian, Spanish or Belgian design anyone? Anna Richardson is impressed by qualities such as practicality and Surrealism that some of the less established players on the international scene bring to the show this year

  • Magical alchemy

    10 September 2009

    Storytelling and illustration combine to great effect in the fairy tale, giving the members of an east London printmaking collective the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills in a new exhibition. Anna Richardson uncovers the narrative in their work

  • Designing with pandas

    Thu, 27 Aug 2009

    Sir Peter Scott’s 1960s panda logo for the World Wildlife Foundation has already done its fair share of fundraising duties - but there’s plenty more mileage to be had from some intriguing reincarnations of the black-and-white classic, finds Anna Richardson

  • Post-colonial pioneer

    27th August 2009

    Wasafiri magazine has been blazing a trail for international writing for 25 years. Set up in 1984 at a time when writers from Africa, the Caribbean and South Asia were often perceived as off-centre, the literary magazine has championed early work from the likes of Vikram Seth, Salman Rushdie and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

  • Pop fragments

    20th August 2009

  • Bargain bijou

    13th August 2009

    A smart hotel concept with a quality touch or two - iconic furniture, perhaps, or a more iconoclastic flea-market approach - can work wonders in the budget arena. Anna Richardson takes the measure of three inventive newcomers

  • Angular perspectives

    13th August 2009

  • Graphic feast

    06th August 2009

  • Modern hieroglyphics

    06th August 2009

    The pictogram universe is far from fixed, with modernising influences and different cultural requirements provoking constant evolution. Anna Richardson looks at the ideas behind some recent schemes

  • Naming game

    30th July 2009

  • Profile of John Lewis' creative chief Paul Porral

    30th July 2009

    Developing the design heritage of John Lewis is a dream challenge for its creative chief Paul Porral. Anna Richardson discovers a man with a great appreciation for its pared-down, classless feel

  • Muscle act

    23rd July 2009

  • Profile

    23rd July 2009

    Ten-year-old consultancy Bulletproof has managed to buck the downturn through hard work, common sense and ambition. Anna Richardson talks to its founder about the benefits of ‘mining’ and strong client relationships

  • Finishing touches

    16th July 2009

    Limited budgets can spur creativity, especially when it comes to selecting paper and processes for print projects. Anna Richardson looks at examples of maximising spend in effective ways

  • In the bag

    16th July 2009

  • How Test cricket is countering the aggressive branding of its Twenty20 cousin

    Thu, 9 Jul 2009

    As the Ashes series begins, Anna Richardson looks at how Test cricket is countering the aggressive branding of the game’s rival format, Twenty20

  • Trading places

    09th July 2009

    Sustainability, reusability and experiential concepts have transformed trade show stands from dull environments into places where you can enjoy spending time.Anna Richardson talks to four designers who have helped clients achieve this objective

  • Zigzag vibe

    Thu, 2 Jul 2009

  • Futurecity founder Mark Davy promotes the value of public art

    Thu, 2 Jul 2009

    Futurecity founder Mark Davy devised a business model that is convincing developers of the value of public art. Anna Richardson talks to the consultant aboutcreativity and cultural currency

  • A preview of the Northern Print Biennale

    Thu, 25 Jun 2009

    It’s looking good for printmaking up in the North. Anna Richardson greets the arrival of an ambitious new international print biennale in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Tender grace of thread

    25th June 2009

  • Lush radicalism

    18 June 2009

  • Museum standards

    Sustainable Design Supplement

    The parameters of sustainable practice are shifting rapidly in the world of exhibition design, with many key institutions seeking to make their shows less taxing on the environment. Anna Richardson reports on the latest initiatives

  • Figuring it out

    11 June 2009

    One of the few sectors that is proving immune to the recession is annual reports, but that doesn’t mean clients or consultancies are playing it safe. Anna Richardson talks to four groups about the latest developments

  • Match fit

    04 June 2009

    Sports equipment manufacturers are constantly striving to push the performance envelope, just like the athletes who use their products. Anna Richardson looks at the processes involved, from intensive testing to analysis of user feedback

  • Profile: Anthony Burrill

    04 June 2009

    With high-profile ad clients and a string of exhibitions under his belt, the minimalist approach of Anthony Burrill has many fans. Anna Richardson talks to this very ‘happy conceptualist’, as he searches out new challenges

  • Mix and match

    28 May 2009

  • A look at two shows that explore colour use

    Thu, 21 May 2009

    There’s more to bright tints than meets the eye. Anna Richardson takes stock of two shows that explore the subtext and potential of colour usage in design - and learns a bit of colour theory on the way

  • Sketch it up

    21 May 2009

    The value of drawing skills in art and design has diminished over the past few decades. As the status quo was challenged in the 1960s, especially in the arts, having superior drawing skills became less important.

  • Prototyping & Modelling

    Prototyping & Modelling Supplement

    Whether it’s in electronics, packaging, luxury goods or other areas, the prototype or model forms an integral part of the designprocess.

  • Rapid visions

    Prototyping & Modelling Supplement

    Are designers ready to fully exploit the potential of automated digital manufacturing techniques? Anna Richardson talks to those who are embracing the possibilities they offer

  • Capital views

    14 May 2009

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