FutureBrand Australia creates “artisan” property developer brand

Valad Property Group has been renamed 151 Property and is being repositioned with a brand story that promotes craft values and attention to detail.


FutureBrand Australia has helped Valad Property Group rebrand as 151 Property, and position it as an “artisan” developer, which helps transform rundown properties.

The new name is derived from the first property bought by the company, 151 Castlereagh Street.

151 Property’s business model is reinvigorating “unloved commercial property assets” according to FutureBrand and a brand story has been built around craft and attention to detail.

The logo has been designed with a degree of symmetry and is applied in a palette of copper, black, white and royal blue. It is designed to behave like a hallmark.

“Subtle embellishments” such as foiling have been used in stationery to help elevate the brand without being “showy” says FutureBrand.

In communications copy has been written in the form of a finger print – a process known as concrete poetry – to communicate the developer’s offer and reinforce the artisan brand values and a sense of individualism.



The old brand
The old brand

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