Friday, 30 January 2015
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Room with a view

I want to wake up in room four at Penzance’s new art hotel. Jo Peel’s illustrated street-scene would soothe me after a night of grappling with my disturbed subconscious, I just know it.

Judging from the photos, the other rooms at Artist Residence look pretty nice, too. Perhaps you would rather open your bleary eyes upon artist Muju’s cartoon coastal blues in room seven, or feast them on Pinky’s pastel sea, sun and sails in room five.

Jo Peel's room

Jo Peel’s room

Then you can trip downstairs for breakfast in the café and a wander around the gallery, which features furniture by Nottingham Trent University design student and Plymouth boy Max Philips.

Muju's room

Muju’s room

This is the second hotel from the Artist Residence stable, the first having opened in Brighton earlier this year. Run by a team of six people - all under 25 - the hotel chain operates an innovative concept of using young artists and designers to decorate its hotel for free (although AR does provide room, board and expenses).

Artist Residence Penzance is set to open in September.

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