Friday, 30 January 2015
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It's goodbye from Design Week in print, but we'll still have a digital presence

Lynda - Issue

This is a sad week for the Design Week team as we publish the last issue of the magazine. The title lives on to deliver daily news about design, but the print version is no more.

It will be 25 years in September since Jeremy Myerson launched the weekly, recognising the role design then a cottage industry might play in UK society and bringing together the community. In the 22 years I have been involved, that community has grown into a tour de force in commerce and culture, despite various recessions, and while the fervor remains from those early days, it is a burgeoning, international business now.

There are too many highlights for me to list, but meeting so many great creative people has been awesome

Last week the Design Council hosted a ’summit’, Design for Growth, to engage Government in a ’conversation’ about design’s ability to make a difference to the nation’s balance sheet and to people’s lives. With Universities and Science Minister David Willetts and Small Business Minister Mark Prisk in attendance, the message was put across in a powerful way through example rather than rhetoric.

This is one of the great joys of design. It is about listening and doing rather than talking, and it is about sharing. I am very proud to have been part of the industry’s development and hope I will remain so, though in a different guise now.

There are too many highlights for me to list here, but the privilege of meeting so many great creative people has been awesome. Linking with designers across the globe, particularly in South Africa, has made the past 20 years special for me personally and professionally. And the eternal optimism of design has rubbed off.
Thank you all for your support over the years and for the great work you continue to produce. Long may that continue.

I hand over now to my colleagues Angus Montgomery, Tom Banks and Emily Gosling who will take Design Week into its next phase. They are amply qualified for the task. I wish them well.

Readers' comments (38)

  • Dear Lynda, thank you so much for all the hard work that has gone into Design Week over the years. From when I was a student and used to pay a fortune to buy DW at the only WHSmith in Paris, throughout my career, DW has always been there as a beacon.
    And my wife hates me for all the piles of DW I have kept over the years. How can I possibly get rid of them now?
    Best of luck to all of the team. And to you Lynda.
    I probably wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for you.

    ps. You did let some publish some complete b****cks every now and then though ;-)

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  • Design Week has been a trailblazer throughout its existence. In particular it has helped bring the work of so many of our design graduates to a wide – and highly influential – audience. I’m utterly devastated to hear of its demise (in its original incarnation anyhow).

    Long may the online edition continue the great tradition set by the magazine. Lynda, we owe you and your wonderfully talented team a huge debt of gratitude for all you have done for our graduates over the years. You’ll be sorely missed.

    Aine Duffy
    Head of Media Relations and Marketing
    Royal College of Art

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  • I'm sure I'm not the only reader to be quite bewildered by this decision and can't see what possible good it can do, other than save the publishers money.

    Additionally puzzling is the continued invitation to 'Subscribe Now' without mention of the absence of a magazine. And what happens for those who subscribed to the magazine, thinking they would get one?

    Thank you very much Lynda and the team for ensuring that DW has interested and inspired me for many years (in ways digital doesn't and won't).

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  • This really is so sad, I adore you and your team so much and I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to contribute over the years through New Designers.

    The only magazine I've ever subscribed too was DW as a geeky 16 year old girl and now its gone. Online or print.. it will not be the same without you at the helm.

    I look forward to supporting you in your next venture!


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  • I am bereft.

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  • I have had a copy of design week on my desk since I first started work in the industry in 93.

    I'm sadly not surprised fighting this a fools battle. Unfortunately most tabloids are looking in the same direction... but for me this is the beginning of the end and the start of the beginning.

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  • Gutted.

    I thought the point of on line was to improve our experience of media, not replace or diminish other forms of it

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  • As a business owner, I can understand the commercial pressure and as a designer part of my job is to embrace change, however I can only see this as a negative move and short sighted

    The experience of sitting down at a lunch time AWAY from the screen is now lost. You will have lost my readership for two reasons.....

    1. I want to flick through the publication at my leaisure and speed and not have to visit every web page. Online will enhance my experience, it will become another bookmark that would never be visited.

    2. Design Week accepted our subscription less than 4 weeks ago with no mention of going online. We have no interest in online periodicals, and will now concetrate on New Design subscription to another printed publication.

    Where's my refund on the subscription, becuase if you are not forthcoming in providing it, I will be coming to you to ask for it!

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  • Please can we have some info on refund options.

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  • A sad day I think, there is nothing like having the printed article in your hands. A real shame and surely a loss of subscribers?

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