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  • Scenes unseen

    23 September 2010

    Photographer Martin Parr is curating an exhibition of vernacular images - new or previously unseen, and often graphically inspired work by little-known artists - displayed in a frameless context across the seaside city of Brighton. John Stones reports

  • Dark horse

    9 September 2010

    If the Norwegian industry is the least known quantity in Scandinavian design, the country’s pavilion at UK trade show 100% Design has been doing much to promote it over the past few years. John Stones looks at this year’s offer - and grapples with the issue of national identity in an ever more globalised world

  • Profile: Alex Trochut

    25 March 2010

    His technique of combining typography and illustration has garnered this young Catalan graphic designer an impressive client list of local and international brands. John Stones talks to the self-styled digital craftsman in his Barcelona studio

  • Reality show

    Vision 2010 Supplement

    A new aesthetic, stemming from a greater awareness of sustainability and more imaginative use of technology, is taking hold in the world of interiors. John Stones reports on a discipline looking for a way forward

  • Uzbek respect

    10 December 2009

    Uzbekistan’s dazzling architectural heritage survived the rigours of Soviet repression, and Islamic tradition still tempers the modernising elements of any local design brief. John Stones talks to a consultancy that has coped with these conflicting demands

  • Profile - Dominic Harris

    01 October 2009

    Putting everyday technology at the heart of bespoke lighting installations may be a simple idea, but it’s led to high-profile projects across the globe for designer Dominic Harris. John Stones talks to him

  • The evolution of gay branding

    Thu, 9 Jul 2009

    The rainbow flag, tweaked to mark the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, was proudly displayed at Pride London last weekend. John Stones considers Worldstudio’s new designs for the iconic flag in the context of other gay branding bids

  • Pen sharp

    09th July 2009

  • Course power

    25th June 2009

    Petrolhead appeal is taking a backseat as environmental and social issues increasingly drive development in automotive design. As the Royal College of Art’s specialist course reaches its 40th birthday, John Stones talks to some of those involved

  • The ornate grandeur of the Baroque

    5 March 2009

    The ornate grandeur of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s forthcoming Baroque exhibition might seem out of place in our credit-crunched times. But the Baroque style informs the values of many contemporary designers, says John Stones, who takes a look at some

  • An interview with Hussein Chalayan

    22 January 2009

    ‘Body design artist’ Hussein Chalayan works across disciplines, without losing touch with his fashion roots. John Stones catches up with him at his Hackney studio ahead of a major Design Museum retrospective

  • Radical poster design

    22 January 2009

    Posters tend to lead a virtual life these days, circulated online rather than pasted up on walls – but the radical edge is still there. John Stones is invigorated by a sudden flurry of work triggered by a recent incident in Greece

  • What's next for Alberto Alessi?

    18 December 2008

    A new DVD of designer interviews and possible publication of previously unseen work are just two of the things that keep Alberto Alessi fizzing. John Stones asks what next for the influential Italian design firm

  • A rebalancing act

    Vision Supplement

    Conspicuous consumption is becoming passé as the recession starts to bite, but where does this leave commercial interior design? A shift from private to public projects and an emphasis on creative capital is the way forward, says John Stones

  • Team spirit

    13 November 2008

    Creative collaborations may not always be born out of a shared goal or vision, but even chance meetings that take place at the request of a client can give way to exciting partnerships, says John Stones

  • How automobile logos define a brand

    13 November 2008

    Automobile logos are among the most widely recognised – and most loved – graphic symbols on the planet, so why do car makers insist on fiddling about with them? John Stones looks at how they are used to define the essence of a brand

  • Wayfinding

    18 September 2008

  • Go your own way

    18 September 2008

  • New nationalism

    4 September 2008

    There was a time when retail designers used predictable historic cues to evoke a sense of national identity. Things have moved on from bowler hats and red London buses, says John Stones, who finds current trends on a more contemporary tack

  • Rare commodities

    8 March 2007

    The influence of Surrealism continues to outlive that of other 20th century movements, perhaps because its imagery has been embraces so unselfconsciously by the very elements it set out to criticise, says John Stones, previewing a new exhibition at London

  • Familiar spaces

    22 February 2007

  • Family album

    15 February 2007

  • Hand in hand

    8 February 2007

    Working in collaboration has many creative and commercial attractions for designers, but there are pitfalls. Designers recount their experiences to Liz Farrelly, while lawyers and business professionals give John Stones the low-down

  • Better the devil

    8 February 2007

  • Theatre of design

    1 February 2007

    Futuristic houses, cocooning sofas and retro reissues of 1960s classics - there is much to appreciate at Cologne's furniture fair, although John Stones is rather put off by the heavy emphasis on marketing. Meanwhile Natasha Edwards sees what the furniture

  • Graphic legacy

    18 January 2007

  • Digital dash

    11 January 2007

    Digital expertise is a hot commodity at the moment, and many designers and consultancies are eager to enter this booming sector. But where is all the talent coming from, and can the future really be as bright as it seems?

  • Pouncing back

    4 January 2007

    In dire straits, luxury car maker Jaguar is hoping for a design-led renaissance. Jaguar design director Ian Callum speaks to John Stones about a new direction for the venerable marque

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