Thursday, 29 January 2015
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Ico Design rebrands Benugo

Ico Design has created new branding for café chain Benugo.

Benugo logo

Benugo logo

The new visual identity retains the previous monochrome roundel, but uses a new bespoke typographic marque.

Baristas Not Button Pushers posters

Celebrating the Benugo baristas


The consultancy was brought in to work on the project last summer, having previously completed smaller jobs for the chain. It was tasked with helping the brand expand on the high street, as the majority of its branches are in museums, galleries or companies such as Ernst & Young.

B-Line map of Benugo branches

B-Line map of Benugo branches

Vivek Bhatia, Ico Design creative partner, says, ‘They wanted to grow on the high-street, as that’s where the recognition lies. We felt the way to grow the brand was to create a visual identity that acted as an umbrella for all of the different strands of the business – high-street, public spaces, in-house and the restaurants.’

He adds, ‘We didn’t want to “overbrand” it, that’s why we did everything in black and white.’

The Londoner sandwich poster

Benugo’s Londoner sandwich poster

The consultancy initially visited all Benugo’s branches, and worked with key stakeholders to identify key brand values, according to Ico.

As well as designing the new logo, Ico also created a series of visual assets to use across Benugo’s outlets for posters, wall-paper and promotional materials.

Cafe Culture poster

Poster celebrating the Benugo presence in public spaces

The illustrations, which were mostly created in-house, aim to improve the brand’s communication, highlighting its high-street presence to customers while also retaining an independent feel, according to Bhatia.

He says, ‘It was important to capitalise on the independent spirit of Benugo, and communicate their difference in a memorable and charming way.’

Benugo's New Yorker sandwich

Benugo’s New Yorker sandwich

The designs are to be used across all touch-points including internal and external signage, food wrappers, coffee cups, posters, wallpaper and online. Currently, they are shown in the new Covent Garden and Luton Airport branches, with interiors by Path, and will gradually be implemented across other outlets.

New Covent Garden Benugo branch

New Covent Garden Benugo store

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