Friday, 30 January 2015
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Peter and Paul designs Creative England identity

Sheffield-based consultancy Peter and Paul has created the new identity for Creative England, the body that was set up last year to replace the Regional Film Councils.

Creative England

Creative England says it put out an open call for entries for the branding project last year and received more than 150 entries - eventually shortlisting five.

Peter and Paul was appointed and developed a spiral logo, which will be used across all Creative England’s marketing materials, including its website.

Although it replaces the Regional Film Councils, Creative England will have a broader remit and aims to offer support to the games, digital and creative industries as well as film and television.

The organisation says it aims to become ‘the first joined-up, dedicated support agency for creative industries outside London.’

Paul Reardon, creative director at Peter and Paul, says, ‘It’s important to Creative England that they respond to new audiences, and let their remit evolve as really required.

‘We had to embrace that fluidity, so the new identity is really about showing them as dynamic and moving.’

Readers' comments (13)

  • Ironically, I'm struggling to see that any creativity went into this whatsoever...

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  • Agree with Callum 100%. I don't see how this reflects the organisation or creativity as a whole. The rationale is very weak. This logo isn't dynamic in the slightest. The logo breaks the rules for all the wrong reasons, I feel I've took a step back to the 90's "swoosh logo" era, and how does this expand to become an identity? Judging from the website it doesn't. No creativity whatsoever. Reflects badly on the creative industry in my opinion.

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  • Be fair with the olympics around the corner its got rhythmic gymnastics written all over it!

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  • This project was always a bit of a poisoned chalice, and I am sure the designers expected to be slated.

    Personally I think it is wrong to judge the logo alone, we need to see how it's applied across all Creative England communications.

    Peter and Paul are a good agency and it's easy for anyone to claim that they could do better, without knowing the circumstances in which it was designed (client direction for example).

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  • So 150 companies/individuals free-pitched and this was result?

    Nobody considers the whole cost of exercises such as this to the design industry.

    Let's say each entry cost £600 – that's £90k down the drain.

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  • Do we know that the 150 submissions included spec work? Has anyone confirmed this? I read a different report that said they used creds to whittle the 150 applicants down to 5.

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  • Yes, we do.

    From the CE website:

    The organisation put out an open call for applications for a new brand identity in November last year, asking designers to present an image that captured Creative England’s work and values.

    More than 150 applications were received, of which five were shortlisted.

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  • Apparently the budget was £5k. There have been brick-bats on other websites for this crowd sourcing approach.

    So, £90k (?) sucked out of the design industry in return for £5k in – great support for creative England from 'Creative England'.

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  • Exactly why we as an agency turned this down: asking for free pitching from an agency that supposedly supports creativity in the UK. Something's pretty wrong there....

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  • I'd like to know what their defence is...

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