Andrex repositions around cleanliness and routine

Andrex has unveiled a new look, which it is rolling out across a smaller portfolio after dropping the Eco, Touch of Colour, Classic Pink and Classic Aqua products.

Andrex rebrand by Sterling Brands

The refresh has been led by Sterling Brands, which has introduced a transparent circular window to the front of packaging and placed more emphasis on cleanliness, and in particular the five-step Andrex Clean Routine, which is illustrated on the back of all packs.

In addition customers can now see the benefits of products across the range at a glance according to Andrex, and the Andrex puppy has been standardised so it appears the same across all packaging.

Sterling Brands client services director Georgina Leigh-Pemberton says that the puppy has been placed above the wordmark “so it is a proud endorser of the brand, rather than interacting with the product.”

The new positioning around cleanliness and routine helps Andrex to stand out from a crowded market place “where the focus is so often just on softness,” says Leigh-Pemberton who adds: “Lots of others are telling stories of softness and strength but this elevates Andrex within the category.”

The wordmark has been made “slimmer, more modern and approachable” to reflect all of these values, she says.

Andrex says that the new look has been designed so that the products can be displayed together and so can be navigated more easily.  It will also “reduce confusion” the company says.

The revised product range comprises: Andrex Classic White, Natural Pebble, Puppies on a Roll, Skin Kind, Shea Butter and Quilts as well as Andrex Washlets.

The new look begins to roll out this month and is expected to be completed by April.

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  • Harrison Reed November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This is so DULL, safe and boring as a design.
    Surely the brand leader in this category can do something a little more innovative rather than tell us how to wipe our bottoms, and use more Andrex products?

  • Bob Whitby November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Do people really need instructions on how to wipe their own bum? This is rather patronising.

  • Tracey Andrews November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Andrex, puppy, Andrex, puppy it has always been. Iconic. Why waste time trying to change a brand that is perfect the way it always is. I Agree about the design – it is rather bland. Sorry Andrex!

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