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Olivier Kugler

Win, lose or draw

Much like illustrator of the moment Noma Bar, Paul Blow’s doctrine is ’concept over style’, which he has allegedly claimed ’is the only way to overcome boredom and bleeding eyes’.

Mono Thone by Martino Gamper. Photo Anna Arca

Twisted classics

There is nothing new under the sun, unless ’new’ counts as the unexpected fusing of two or three familiar ideas. German design heavyweight Volker Albus hopes to lead the world


One-show wonders

For museums and galleries housed in protected historic buildings, the temporary banners and wayfinding signage used for individual shows can add that vital dash of colour and graphic experimentationto their


Collective spirit

For those in need of a break from all things digital, here’s a chance to appreciate the results of down-to-earth techniques such as linocutting and other hands-on printmaking methods. Emily

Le Gun 1

Monochrome universe

It has been two long years since Le Gun’s last edition, but if its cultish existence had faded from the edges of our collective consciousness, it is returning with a

Sindoh’s M401 printer

Virtual reality bites

The use of computer simulations at the product development stage provides designers with a valuable and flexible tool. Emily Pacey looks at the benefits of creating digital models to visualise

Thank you for the Days

Robin and Lucienne Day are arguably post-war Britain’s most influential design partnership, a husband and wife team who led the fields of furniture and pattern design from their shared studio

18th Century typographer John Baskerville

Font of knowledge

The streets of Paris were built on top of 170 miles of abandoned mines, now closed to the public but representing a rich source of hand-drawn typography carved into the


Publishing in focus

For publishing, this past twelvemonth has been all about the iPad app. Financially straitened publishers have grasped the tablet app with both hands because it offers them a new payable

graffiti 1

Writ large

Graffiti chic and economic expedience have turned supergraphics into a cool tool for external branding and wayfinding. Emily Pacey checks out the challenges of scale and legibility that face graphic

fortune star

Unfettered play

Fortune Star, by Good Wives and Warriors The French psychologist Jean Piaget recommends that, ’If you would be more creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention

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