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the man himself - Quayola

I’m so xxited

Italian visual artist and film-maker Quayola is currently putting the finishing touches on a collaborative audio-visual spectacular due to hit London in the middle of next month. The one-night-only performance,

Pearson's poster

Everything We Miss

Sometimes dark, sometimes comic, but always well-observed, illustrator Luke Pearson’s new comic Everything We Miss tells the bleak tale of a disintegrating relationship. The portrayal of domestic disharmony is coupled


Profile: Interabang

This recently established consultancy braved the economic climate to pursue its dream of pushing the creative boundaries and working with passionate clients. Laura Snoad talks to its two co-founders about

Poster for the charity Friendship Works

Stark realities

Posters for charities must walk the difficult line between grabbing the attention of information-overloaded passers-by while avoiding looking like a significant chunk of the charity’s funds has been spent on

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011

Herbaceous space

’Plants embody everything that I like to have around me: presence, personality, character. They have movement, colour, structure, scale and proportion,’ says Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the creator of this

By Renhui Zhao

A bird in the hand

For new exhibition A Bird In the Hand, artist Renhui Zhao has created haunting photography and sculpture that explores the connection between humans and birds, told from the slightly unusual

A still from the title sequence featuring character Jonathan Ames

Type on TV

What methods have you tried to get over crippling creative block? Walking in the country, meditating, firing ideas off supportive friends and colleagues perhaps, but probably not advertising yourself on

Work In Progress, 2008 © Kid Acne

Kill your darlings

Known for his motley crew of bearded shoplifters, bondage dragons, northernisms, and a whole host of ‘stabby’ women, Sheffield-based street artist Kid Acne has captured the attention and smiles of

The cover comes in three colours: pink, black and blue

Condiments and entrails

Challenging the ill-founded notion that poetry is high-brow and fusty, John Durak’s latest collection Condiments & Entrails is a gripping read. Equally vivid is the book’s layout, by Bunch Design,

Guerrilla Science - a bit scary

Glastonbury decontamination

Almost inevitably, it looks like its going to be another very muddy Glastonbury again this year. But as part of the Wellcome Trust’s Dirt season of events and exhibitions, the

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