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Noor pour Time

Tough and brutal

A long-running festival in the south of France is setting the standards for presenting photojournalism from a range of frontlines war zones, prisons, mental hospitals and, indeed, the underbelly of

The String of Pearls, by Hartwig Braun

River of life

At 350km, the Thames is the longest river in England and a thoroughfare for trade and travel dissecting London through its core. As it meanders through the city, it links

Urban Fog

Urban fog

It is a well-known fact that the Design Week team devours more than a few cups of tea throughout the working day. Someone says ‘tea’, and several ears prick up.


Dung deal

The race is on to find new and ever more efficient ways of creating environment-friendly papers. Suzanne Hinchliffe samples some contenders on the pulp fibre scene – and comes across

Try me by Jewel

Get rolling

Andy Warhol’s hippy hangout The Factory was famous on the New York scene for its parties, artsy types and drug-fuelled shenanigans. And now the West London Art Factory is launching

Stella - felt cutout table centre piece

It’s party time!

Last week, we gave you alternative ideas of where to go Christmas shopping to avoid the hustle and bustle of the high street. With Made in Clerkenwell’s Winter Open Studios

Tea Tasting

A nice cuppa

The team here at Design Week are known for drinking tea by the bucket load. Guaranteed on the hour every hour someone will pop on the kettle for a nice

Ron Arad chairs

Under the hammer

The new Royal College of Art campus in London’s Battersea is well underway – with phase one, The Sackler Building, complete. The Dyson Building is now in progress, as part

Play your cards right

It’s October – so of course we’re seeing the first glimpses of the festive season. However, before you get immersed in Christmas lights and shopping – why not spread a

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