Conran & Partners teams up with Beagle on new holographic product

Conran & Partners has worked with innovation company Beagle on the design of Holo, a device which turns products, places and people into 360 degree interactive holograms.

An impression of Holo
An impression of Holo

The project was initiated in 2012 when Beagle was working with Sir Terence Conran on a series of films.

Beagle managing director Harry Anscombe says, ‘Conran shared Beagle’s vision for a visual experience beyond a flat screen and saw the potential for a kind of sales and presentation tool.’

Beagle, which has designed the storytelling in 3D animation and visual effects, commissioned Conran & Partners to design the product. Terence Conran was personally involved in the project according to Anscombe.

An impression of Holo
An impression of Holo

Holo uses the principles of Pepper’s Ghost technology – as used increasingly in museum and exhibition design – to deliver an audio-visual interactive experience.

Pepper’s Ghost technology has been used for around 400 years, particularly in theatre, and is an illusory trick that uses glass and lighting to make images appear and disappear.

Anscombe says, ‘Holo releases content from the flat screen to deliver a genuine Star Wars “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi” holographic experience, where viewers can see floating 3D images and catch the eye of other viewers around them, enjoying the same sensory ride.’

Conran & Partners creative director of brand and product Massimo Acanfora says, ‘Our design for the Holo brand and the product was inspired by the clarity and shape of a diamond.’

An impression of Holo
An impression of Holo

The interactive element means that viewers can make gestures with their hands and spin the object in a 360 degree rotation to perceive it from any angle.

Anscombe says that the Holo is easy to use as it can present 2D content in a 3D way – ‘You can take the assets of a shoe for instance and it could show it in 3D.’

Capabilities include showing products, ‘beaming’ people into another location to deliver speeches, and according to Anscombe ‘reincarnating’ anyone ‘From Einstein to Marilyn Monroe’ or ‘conjuring mission statements from a company’s late founder.’

An impression of Holo
An impression of Holo

Holo, which uses some Samsung hardware, will be sold as a commercial product and will be launched next week. Beagle expects it to be used as an experiential marketing device for point of sale, at trade shows, for training, in conference suites, at airport terminals and in museums and galleries.

Beagle expects take-up from sectors including automotive and luxury brands, pharmaceutical, defense, engineering, jewelry and fashion.

It will be used for the first time publicly by the Bill Gates Foundation on 17 October.

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