How design has fuelled WeTransfer’s growth strategy

In this documentary, we visit WeTransfer’s Amsterdam headquarters and speak to co-founder Nalden to find out about how designing a simple-to-use file transferring tool has led the business to profitability.

WeTransfer is going through a transformational phase. Moving from a start-up to a ‘scale-up’, the design-led business is preparing to expand to the States, where it hopes setting up office in LA will enable the brand to grow rapidly.

The file transferring service, which allows people to share large files that can’t be shared over email, has been designed so that “even our parents can use it” says co-founder and CIO Nalden. And, it’s this ease-of-use which has enabled the service to grow in popularity.

In this mini-documentary, we speak to co-founder Nalden, who explains why building a design-led business has been so important to its growth. Chief marketing officer Damian Bradfield explains why the business is opening a US office and why storytelling is so important to build a brand. While award-winning designer and head of experiences Nelly Ben Hayoun, explains why she took on the role at the Dutch-based business. 

We also speak to vice president of design Thijs Remie and product strategy director Brian Park about design and the importance of the WeTransfer brand. 

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