Enso develops digital strategy for Cullinan Studio

Enso has developed a new digital strategy for architect Cullinan Studio.

Jamie Wieck, founder and director of Enso, says the project’s emphasis has been rationalising the brand and “creating a massive digital resource” as the practice celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Enso worked closely with Team 4 (Cullinan Studio’s marketing team) to establish the Cullinan Ethos – The Five Cs: Creativity, Collaboration, Climate, Context and Community.

These values were a starting point for the design process and have informed the user experience across the site, articulating the studio’s “ethical, environmental and social position”, according to Enso, which says it has taken a “show don’t tell” approach to the design.

Cullinan Studio raised concerns that the age of the practice could be perceived as a hindrance, so Enso says it looked to present its archive as a collection of interconnected ideas, demonstrating how the “Cullinan Ethos” could be traced across five decades.

Case study templates feature larger images, longer descriptions, better tagging and are integrated into a master timeline.

To help launch the website Enso has introduced new ways of engaging audiences to Cullinan Studio, including The Woodpecker, a robotic drawing system which has been developed by Enso’s sister agency Those.

A lecture by practice founder Ted Cullinan can be seen here being illustrated by the Woodpecker as a live audio visual performance.

The Woodpecker system, which Wieck says is the first piece of “home brew technology” to be created by Those, is drawing directly onto a window at Cullinan Studios offices.

As part of a social media experiment Enso has produced three films and Wieck says: “Instead of the usual brand-film, we turned their values into ultra-short Vine episodes based on the practice’s drawing style.”

Enso is using this activity to engage both the studio’s loyal followers and those with a broader interest in architecture, driving them to the new site.  

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