13m² house interiors, by Studiomama

Studiomama has designed a 13m² property in north London with the aim of making a small interior feel spacious.

“We have created small spaces before but this is a great challenge as it is impossible to get a small space like this to work using any off the shelf furniture,” says co-founder of Studiomama Nina Tolstrup. “All interior fittings have to be custom-made for the space – it is more like designing the interior of a boat or caravan.”

A sense of spaciousness is created by the use of light pastel tones, mirrors and adjustable furniture.

The use of dual-purpose, integrated storage and seating areas aims to create a cohesive space, which offers sufficient storage and comfortable work, living and cooking spaces.

The project was driven by the desire to create a liveable, comfortable environment in a tiny space.

“As space becomes more and more of a premium, we have to rethink how we live and how we organise our living space,” says Studiomama co-founder Jack Mama.