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Here East shuttle bus livery, by Dn&co

Dn&co has designed the livery for the new shuttle buses being used across Here East, a digital and creative campus in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, East London. The livery features the Here East visual identity, and all of the shuttle buses are covered in a series of dot patterns inspired by the Here East […]

Record Store Day 10th anniversary campaign, by Senan Lee and Pansy Aung

Designers Senan Lee and Pansy Aung have revealed that they were behind a campaign to celebrate the 10th birthday of Record Store Day. Record Store Day, which took place on 22 April this year, sees 200 independent record shops nationwide celebrating the beauty of vinyl, by opening their doors, offering special releases, and hosting performances and […]

Ocean Manifesto illustration and animation, by Drive Creative Studio

Exeter-based Drive Creative Studio has designed a series of illustrations and an animated video based on Together We Can Turn Tides, a book by conservationist Jeroen van de Waal. The book is a designed to be a “manifesto for a change” to save the planet’s oceans, says Drive Creative Studio. The studio has created a […]

Dog’s Bollocks student awards campaign, by Design Bridge

Several junior designers from Design Bridge’s London office have designed a poster campaign to promote the consultancy’s annual Dog’s Bollocks competition for design students. The campaign is based around the concept of “said no award winner ever”, and is designed to be a “tongue-in-cheek” take on “all the wrong advice”, says Design Bridge. The posters, […]

Vocation Brewery craft lager packaging, by Robot Food

Consultancy Robot Foot has designed the packaging for a new craft lager range from Vocation Brewery. The packaging design includes a “clean” white background, interrupted by “bright neon flashes” of spray-can paint effects, says Robot Food. These colours have been used to differentiate between the three products in the range: Pure Pilsner, Yakima Pilsner and […]

Fourpure beer packaging, by Mr B & Friends

Mr B & Friends has designed the packaging for two new beers from London-based craft brewery Fourpure. The two new brews include Shape Shifter, an IPA from the West Coast of the US, and Flatiron, a red ale from Colorado. Both beer cans take on an illustrative style, with Shape Shifter featuring a sea serpent […]

Threefold branding, by Baxter and Bailey

Consultancy Baxter and Bailey has designed a new brand identity for media agency Threefold. Threefold plan and manage brand campaigns for retailers, aimed at shoppers. The new identity is “playful”, says Baxter and Bailey co-founder Matt Baxter, and based around the “rule of three”. This aims to symbolise the company’s focus on three areas – […]

The SOL Foundation branding, by Designhouse

Designhouse has designed the visual identity for a new children’s charity, The SOL (Sports, Opportunities, Lives) Foundation, which aims to enhance the prospects of underprivileged young people through sport. The brightly coloured identity is inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut-outs, comprising a Venn diagram overlaid with the SOL acronym.

Here East wayfinding system, by Dn&co

Dn&co has designed the signage and wayfinding system for Here East’s digital and creative campus at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London. The tech hub’s signage system is inspired by electronic circuit diagrams, while digital screens embedded into walls display a sequence of digital maps, signposting and brand messages, developed by digital agency […]

Isaac Newton’s Principia reissue, by Kronecker Wallis

Publishing house Kronecker Wallis has launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish a new edition of Isaac Newton’s Principia, to coincide with the 330th anniversary of its original publication. Kronecker Wallis hopes to bring together the disciplines of science and design with the new edition, which features a clean and minimal aesthetic juxtaposed with petrol blue […]

Head Carrier album artwork, by Vaughan Oliver

Vaughan Oliver has designed the artwork for the Pixies’ new album, Head Carrier. The artwork will go on display for the first time at the Northern Design Festival in Newcastle, as part of the exhibition Where do Ideas Come From? For more information about visiting the festival, head here.

London Design Biennale visual identity, by Pentagram

Pentagram partner Domenic Lippa has revealed that he was behind the design of the visual identity, signage and communication materials for the inaugural London Design Biennale, which recently took place at Somerset House. The identity features an expanding and contracting logo, which acts as a device for each of the entries to sit within. An orange […]

Virginia Woolf book covers, by Aino-Maija Metsola

Helsinki-based illustrator Aino-Maija Metsola has designed front covers for a series of Virginia Woolf books, which are being republished by Vintage Classics. The illustrator has created designs for books including Mrs Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, Orlando, The Waves, A Room of One’s Own and The Years. The books are available to buy from Penguin’s website […]

Paper, by Ludwig Rensch

Product designer Ludwig Rensch’s minimal printer design, Paper, turns to the core functions and features of this common household and office item.

Brand Survival Kit, by Tann Westlake

Consultancy Tann Westlake has created a clever promotional pack, bespoke for each client it works for. The Brand Survival Kit includes a selection of “gifts” for clients within a tin, packed up as an essentials kit with military-inspired typefaces, imagery, packaging and creative copywriting. Each pack also includes a personalised booklet with the client’s future account […]

Jude's ice cream

Jude’s Ice Cream, by ASHA

ASHA has redesigned the packaging and branding for British ice cream brand Jude’s. The design features new colour combinations and an ice cream kite mark bearing the words “Great British ice cream”. Wanting to move away from previous designs involving traditional Cornish scenes and hand-labelling, ASHA says it was inspired by other luxury ice cream competitors. The new packs […]

Eenymeeny branding, by Iya Studio

Iya Studio has designed the branding for children’s online store Eenymeeny, using two colourful, animated characters as the main visual icons. The studio’s aim was to create a “fun and design-led brand”, using a “bold colour palette and typography”, it says. The two characters, Eeny and Meeny, aim to represent the “fun, hectic and colourful scenarios” […]

Apple Macintosh, by Dorothy

In 1984, Steve Jobs launched the Apple Macintosh with this Orwellian-inspired advert. The slow and chunky home computer signalled the start of things to come for Apple, as well for its customers. Art studio, Dorothy, has expressed its love for the first ever Mac by creating a three colour litho print, in which tiny people are […]

BODHI, by Robot Food

Robot Food, has designed the packaging for a new UK start-up snack bar, BODHI. Using simple yet striking colours, Robot Food hopes to convey the snack bar’s natural and healthy ingredients. The ‘V’ shape over the ‘O’ points towards the food’s key, high-protein ingredient – cricket flour. As well as being a pun-lovers dream, the […]

BeeZero branding, by Greenspace

Consultancy Greenspace has created the branding for BeeZero – a new hydrogen car-sharing service set to launch in Munich this summer. Greenspace founder Adrian Caddy says the name is a “positive call to action” aimed at consumers, to encourage them to try hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions transport. “It invites people to become part of a growing community […]

The Five Things Book, by Paul McNally

The Five Things Book is a design-led, typographic book; revealing 118 people’s five favourite things; along with the stories behind why they love each thing. Designed by Belfast based designer Paul McNally, it features five favourite things from the likes of Adrian Shaughnessy, Jessica Hische and Debbie Millman.

The Big Issue design, by Ben Eine

On April 7, 2016 The Big Issue will celebrate 200 million sales in Britain. To mark this date, The Big Issue has teamed up with street artist Ben Eine to design three special edition front covers of the magazine. In collaboration with Eine and Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch, The Big Issue will celebrate the 200 […]

Project Roar!, by Tann Westlake

Tann Westlake has created the branding for Project Roar!, a community-based challenge run by The Body Shop Foundation. Project Roar! encourages people to get involved in supporting and campaigning for the protection of big cats worldwide. This will lead up to an opportunity for volunteers to take part in a five day project at Big Cat […]

Cocoa Hernando, Matt Sewell

Illustrator Matt Sewell has illustrated these new chocolate boxes for Cocoa Hernando, a travel-inspired chocolate brand. Sewell has made four designs for China, India and Himalayan-inspired products referencing scenes from each country. The designs have also been made into posters.

Duty free robot, by Portland Design

Portland Design has created an automated system for pre-pay click and collect duty free shopping, involving a robot called ACE (Automated Collection Experience), which is operating in Auckland Airport, New Zealand. The system has been created for Lagardère Travel Retail and provides customers with a 30-second pick up procedure which is triggered by scanning an […]

Chris’s World Famous Charity Ball, by Mr.M

Creative director and founder of Mr.M, Matt Maurer has created these fundraising materials for Chris’s World Famous… a team of fundraisers that support and raise money for MyelomaUK. The organisation was set up in memory of Chris Pugh – “A popular business man who ran Chris’s World Famous Barber Shop in Manchester,” says Maurer who […]

O.R.C.A branding, by Distil Studio

Distil Studio has created a new identity for the Ocean Rowing Club of the Atlantic, which specialises in the design and build of multi-hull rowing boats. The consultancy says it developed the new idenity “to reflect the grace and power of the whale that inspired the club acronym”. Roy Finlay, the founder of O.R.C.A, has […]

Sheffield Children’s Hospital wall designs, by Thomas.Matthews

Consultancy Thomas.Matthews has decorated the walls of Sheffield Children’s Hospital with designs inspired by Chinese tangrams. Tangrams are puzzles consisting of seven irregular-sized shapes, used to make up a square. The constructed shapes form animals, plants and buildings, and are made of vinyl. The geometric designs line the theatre and treatment room corridors, and aim […]

Go Gos visual identity, by Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher has designed the visual identity for healthy children’s food brand Little Dish’s snack range Go Gos. The new design brings the “Little Dish characters all together for the first time”, says the consultancy, and is “vibrant, informative and active”.

Daymer Bay iced tea branding, by Mayday

Consultancy Mayday has redesigned the packaging for Daymer Bay iced tea drinks. The new designs will be launching at Waitrose next week, then rolling out to other retailers. The hand-drawn logotype aims to give the brand a “laid-back, surfer style”, says the consultancy, with “fruity, bright, beach-inspired” illustrations to demonstrate “vitality”. The new design will […]

Ella’s Kitchen baby dry cereal packaging, by Biles Inc.

Consultancy Biles Inc. has redesigned the packaging for baby cereals from Ella’s Kitchen. Anthony Biles, principle at the consultancy, says Biles Inc. wanted to build on the brand’s “existing assets”, “boost brand personality”, and “simplify the range navigation”. He adds the design intends to keep the packaging “clean, simple and child-like”.

Sainsbury’s HQ interiors, by PWW

PWW has redesigned the interiors at supermarket Sainsbury’s London HQ. The consultancy says: “The Sainsbury’s recognised colour palettes are used across bold graphics and signage to act as navigational points across multiple floors. “The central ‘terminus’ is identified as the heart of each floor through the high concentration of brand palette and a cumulative pixelated […]

David Bowie print, by Davey Podmore

Designer Davey Podmore has created a David Bowie-inspired print which is being sold to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The artist worked with Printclub to make the project happen, which will see 69 copies of the print sold at £100 each, to symbolise each year of David Bowie’s life. The print is available to buy […]

Tylko branding, by Super Super

Warsaw-based consultancy Super Super has created the identity for Tylko, a new Polish furniture company. The consultancy says it aimed to develop “a simple, minimalistic yet flexible visual language that is able to adapt to ever-changing content”.

The Museum of Pixelated Industrial Design, by Jung Soo Park

New York industrial designer Jung Soo Park is making icons out of icons. His Museum of Pixelated Industrial Design displays the most significant industrial designs of our time—via pixelated renderings on Instagram. The designer started the concept museum four weeks ago to draw attention to influential industrial designs throughout history. He has published 39 designs […]

The Five Things Book, by Paul McNally

The Five Things Book is a design-led, typographic book revealing more than 100 people’s five favourite things, along with the stories behind why they love each thing. The book, designed by Paul McNally, features Adrian Shaughnessy, Debbie Millman, Jessica Hishce Dan Rubin, actor Kristian Nairn, Hamish Muir, Malcolm Garrett and more. The book is available on Kickstarter […]

Runners Point interiors, by rpa:group

Rpa:group has designed a new interior concept for running footwear store Runners Point. The store design “avoids visual clutter” and “encourages freedom of movement within the space”, says the consultancy. It adds that colour is used to “punctuate the space rather than dominate it”.

Kalpataru: The Wishing Tree, by Sarthak and Sahil

The V&A museum in London has unveiled a light installation in its Grand Entrance to mark the start of the festive season. Kalpataru: The Wishing Tree has been designed by consultancy Sarthak and Sahil, based in Delhi, India, as part of the V&A’s India Festival. The installation also aims to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of […]

Wire sculptures, by Alexander Calder

An exhibition of Alexander Calder’s sculpture work is set to open at the Tate Modern in London this week. The exhibition space for Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture was designed by in-house curators Ann Coxton, Achim Borchardt-Hume and Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, in collaboration with consultancy Herzog de Meuron. It includes 100 pieces of art which aim to […]

Glenmorangie A Midwinter Night’s Dram packaging, by ButterflyCannon

ButterflyCannon has created the packaging for Glenmorangie A Midwinter Night’s Dram, a single malt whisky crafted by Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s director of distilling, whisky creation & whisky stocks The consultancy says: “The packaging design is inspired by the great Scottish winters – while it may be chilly outside, it is also a season marked by the […]

The Crime Museum Uncovered exhibition graphics, by Thomas Manss & Company

Thomas Manss & Company has created the exhibition graphics for the Museum of London’s exhibition about the Metropolitan Police’s “Crime Museum” collection, which has been designed by GuM. The consultancy says: “The exhibition is certainly not for the squeamish. “The largest section of ‘The Crime Museum Uncovered’ charts notorious murder cases. In others you will […]

Sumatran Orangutan Society fundraising guide, by Kimpton Creative

Kimpton Creative has created a new fundraising guide for the Sumatran Orangutan Society, using a mosaic of a young orangutan created from pennies. David Kimpton, of Kimpton Creative, says: “While thinking of a suitable image to illustrate the message that a small amount of money can go a long way, we noticed the correlation between the […]


Cadbury Amaze Bites branding, by Robot Food

Consultancy Robot Food has created the branding for a new chocolate cake product from Cadbury called Amaze Bites. Simon Forster, creative director at Robot Food, says the consultancy created design that “behaves like a poster”, with a “strong tone of voice that speaks directly to consumers”. Amaze Bites are set to launch this week in […]

Flora ProActiv branding, by Design Bridge

Design Bridge has created a new visual identity for margarine brand Flora’s ProActiv range. A new logo, typography and photography style has been created for the range, using the colour palette of orange and green. The consultancy aimed to emphasise the “duality” of the words “Pro” and “Active” in the new branding, says Chloe Templeman, […]

24 Old Bond Street Perfume for Atkinsons 1799, by Christopher Jenner

This limited edition perfume bottle and packaging has been embellished with a design which is “an atypical illustration of Chippendale Chinoiserie”, which has been inspired by Georgian England, according to Jenner. In a “celebration of difference”  an asymmetrical metal fretwork design has been created, secured by a “Georgian tie pin.”

1960s Polypropylene chair, by Robin Day

Robin Day’s 1960s classic Polypropylene side chair and armchair are being brought back to John Lewis’ flagship store. The chairs will be relaunched at the Oxford Street, London store to celebrate the designer’s centenary. Day invented the chair in 1963, using what was a new plastic at the time to create the first mass-produced Polypropylene […]

Elsewhere, by Joji Koyama

Graphic artist Joji Koyama has designed an adult colouring book aimed at fellow artists and designers. Elsewhere is a “challenging” colouring book, says publisher Particular Books, a department of Penguin Random House, which aims to inspire both creatives and “anyone in need of a break”. It is based on a “surrealist, digital world”, which Particular […]

Machinate lookbook, by Hatched

Design studio Hatched has worked with photographer James Williamson, printer Leycol and post production studio Tank on the Machinate lookbooks. The two books aim to “celebrate the collaboration of four different, traditional, craft-led businesses”. Hatched says: “Book #1 is a body of work examining the well travelled, hardened men of the Pendine Land Speed Racing Club, […]

Vinyl wallcoverings, by Tektura

Interiors distributor Tektura Wallcoverings has created 19 new wallpaper designs, aimed for use by hotels and high-end interiors. The prints are made from fabric-based vinyl, and include patterns that create the effect of quartz, silk and cork. The Rare Finds collection is made from gold, copper and silver leaf, silk threads, resin and glass beads. […]

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