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Unity Beauty Essentials: The Pregnancy Collection, by ButterflyCannon

Studio ButterflyCannon has designed the branding and packaging for a new range of beauty products for women who are pregnant, and for those following pregnancy. Unity Beauty Essentials: The Pregnancy Collection has been founded by Parvathi Nair, who found existing beauty products for pregnant women to be “cold and clinical-looking”, says the design studio. The […]

Autism Uncut branding, by Don’t Panic Partners

Don’t Panic Partners has created the branding for the National Autistic Society’s new campaign Autism Uncut, which looks to raise awareness and increase people’s understanding of the developmental condition. The print materials for the campaign feature a series of peel-away and scratch-off tabs, which encourage users to reveal the full messaging. It aims to symbolise […]

Am I normal? card game, by The School of Life

The School of Life has released a new card game called Am I Normal? The pack of 52 playing cards looks to tackle our perception of “normality”, which currently tends to focus on an “organised, poised and polished” version of ourselves, says The School of Life. It features 52 statements or admissions that seemingly fall […]

Perdiz issue eight, by Querida Studio

Barcelona-based Querida Studio has designed the eighth issue of Perdiz magazine, with cover design by Spanish artist Carlota Guerrero. The magazine describes itself as being a title about “people and the things that make them happy”, with features on individuals including a university professor who trains his own flea circus and a roundabout fanatic from […]

Las Iguanas kid’s menu, by Aardman

Bristol-based animation studio Aardman has designed a new kid’s menu for Latin American restaurant chain Las Iguanas. The studio created a series of colourful new characters for the menu, including Iggy the Iguana. The new menu also features activities such as colouring in sections, word puzzles, mazes and basic Spanish language lessons. An animated version […]

The Clown Egg Register, by Luke Stephenson and Helen Champion

Penguin Random House is set to release a fun – or perhaps frightening, depending on your temperament – book of eggs painted as clowns. The Clown Egg Register records over 250 clown faces painted onto eggs, to celebrate what the publisher describes as a “dying art form” that continues to “delight and terrify children and […]

Vocation Brewery craft lager packaging, by Robot Food

Consultancy Robot Foot has designed the packaging for a new craft lager range from Vocation Brewery. The packaging design includes a “clean” white background, interrupted by “bright neon flashes” of spray-can paint effects, says Robot Food. These colours have been used to differentiate between the three products in the range: Pure Pilsner, Yakima Pilsner and […]

Thinx organic tampon packaging, by Thinx

Women’s foundation Thinx has designed an organic, biodegradable cotton tampon and accompanying packaging. The packaging comprises two parts – a red and white box with a tampon illustration, and a transparent outer case featuring a bold illustration of a woman’s labia, which the tampon appears to slide into. The packaging design looks to reaffirm Thinx’s […]

The Pod, by Fathom Architects

Fathom Architects has designed a 12m² moveable pod structure to be used for podcast recordings, which has been conceived in collaboration with Dn&co. The Pod, which seats up to six people, has now launched at White City Place, the former BBC Media Village in London’s White City. The design team drew inspiration from temporary structures, […]

13m² house interiors, by Studiomama

Studiomama has designed a 13m² property in north London with the aim of making a small interior feel spacious. “We have created small spaces before but this is a great challenge as it is impossible to get a small space like this to work using any off the shelf furniture,” says co-founder of Studiomama Nina Tolstrup. […]

The Wing identity, by Pentagram

Pentagram partner Emily Oberman and an all-female team of designers have designed the visual identity for The Wing, a new women’s social club in New York. The team was briefed to create an identity that would appeal to the “diversity of women” without being patronising or “stereotypical”, says Oberman. The logo takes the form of […]

Butterfly Twists rebrand, by JKR

Consultancy JKR has rebranded footwear brand Butterfly Twists, giving it a new, angular butterfly logo. JKR says it has given the brand a “more minimal, graphic icon” with four “twistable variations”, and the logotype has been updated to a “modern, geometric style”. Alongside the rebrand comes a new packaging design and a new colour palette […]

The Magazine of the Artist’s Institute issue two, by John Morgan Studio

John Morgan Studio has completed the print design for The Magazine of the Artist’s Institute in New York’s second edition. The issue is named Carolee’s, and is dedicated to American visual artist Carolee Schneemann. It features a previously unpublished image archive from the artist’s studio, alongside a profile interview with her.

TechBenefits rebrand, by Mr B & Friends

Mr B & Friends has rebranded employee benefits provider TechBenefits, with a refreshed identity, tone of voice, colour palette and visual language. The new identity features a jumping man icon, based on its previous marque, and a brightly coloured, pared back design. Mr B & Friends has also designed a new website for the company.

Shower Beer, by Snask and Fredrik Tunedal

Swedish consultancy Snask has created and branded a new beer brand from scratch – but the drink is intended for consumption in a shower, not a pub. The consultancy has worked with brewer Fredrik Tunedal to create Shower Beer – a pale ale in a 180 ml bottle, which is meant to be “gulped in […]

Monetise rebrand, by Snask

Swedish consultancy Snask has rebranded small business digital loan service Monetise into Froda, giving it a new, geometric visual identity. Swedish word Froda translates to Thrive, which Fredrik Öst, creative director at Snask, says aimed to help the company sound more like a place that “enables businesses to grow”. “The old name sounded more like a […]

Lady Blanc packaging, by Neosbrand

Neosbrand has designed the packaging for Blanc’s new strawberry flavoured gin, Lady Blanc. The packaging features bright coloured patterns against a backdrop of cerise pink.

Host rebrand, by Mr B & Friends

Mr B & Friends has rebranded accommodation provider Victoria Hall Management Ltd. as Host. The agency has developed a new brand positioning, name, identity, brand guidelines and website. The new name and logo are designed to reference a functional idea: homes for students.

Alto restaurant interiors, by Tom Dixon Design Research Studio

Tom Dixon Design Research Studio (DRS) has designed the interiors for Alto, a new grill restaurant in Hong Kong. The restaurant is the studio’s first project in Asia, and has used the concept of the four elements – earth, air, fire and water – throughout. Fire is conveyed through the use of 230 gold mini […]

Logotype mini, by Michael Evamy and Pentagram

Design journalist Michael Evamy has written a book on typographic logos, intended as a resource for designers and design students alike. Logotype mini includes more than 1,300 visual typographic identities by roughly 250 different design studios from around the world. Consultancies and studios featured include Pentagram, Landor, Wolff Olins, Vignelli Associates, Chermayeff & Geismar and […]

VidStar Festival branding, by Studio Theolin and Tom Collins

Studio Theolin and designer Tom Collins have collaborated to create the visual identity for a new online video festival in Sweden. VidStar Festival is a weekend-long event featuring a closing party, as well lectures, scene appearances and seminars from 30 Swedish YouTube vloggers, including 2chips1cola, Anty and Ebba Lindblad. The brightly coloured identity is born […]

Trump Cushion, by Mr Bingo and Freddy Taylor

Illustrator Mr Bingo and designer Freddy Taylor have teamed up to create the Trump Cushion, a whoopee cushion emblazoned with Donald Trump’s face, that can be inflated so that it’s full of hot air. It’s a charity project and all proceeds from the sale go to “causes that stand to be affected should Donald become […]

“Bright Idea” lamp, by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien, the London-based French graphic artist, is set to light up people’s homes through a new collaboration with Case Studyo, which publishes and produces artworks by contemporary artists. Instead of creating a sculpture or illustration, Jullien has designed a lamp in the shape of one of his signature, sharply-outlined characters. Made in a limited edition […]

Buzzbike, by various

Startup company Buzzbike has commissioned a group of London artists to design a unique bicycle pattern, in celebration of its launch. The crowdfunded project is a free cycling scheme, which invites brands to sponsor a single speed Cooper bike. The ownership model has been unveiled at London’s Design Museum, and includes four specially designed bicycles to […]

Mindless Violence and The Working Day, by Modern Toss

The Modern Toss has released a set of satirical adult colouring books, which offer an ‘alternative’ vision of the genre. The books, entitled The Working Day and Mindless Violence, feature a series of pencil drawings inspired by ironic episodes of monotony in the workplace and unchecked violence. Created by the agency’s cult cartoonists Jon Link […]

House of MinaLima, by MinaLima

MinaLima has unveiled a new exhibition, which showcases fifteen years of collaboration in graphic design. The House of MinaLima, in Soho, London, aims to immerse visitors in the agency’s visual world, beginning with a series of illustrated collective noun prints. The posters, which celebrate the ‘eccentricities’ of the English language, have never been exhibited in […]

Royal Albert 100 Years, by The One Off

The One Off has created a series of hand-rendered illustrations to celebrate the design history of Royal Albert china. The illustrations are displayed in an animated pop up storybook, which visualises 100 years of Royal Albert by assigning each pattern to an individual historical decade from the 1900s, to the present day. The idea was […]

Royal Air Force Centenary campaign, by Coley Porter Bell

Coley Porter Bell has worked with the Royal Air Force to produce a visual campaign celebrating their 100th anniversary. RAF100 aims to rebrand the organisation as a place of “diverse opportunity” for Millennials considering a career in military service. The consultancy has designed a campaign logo with abstract typography and an opaque colour palette, which […]

Every Woman, by Ciara Phillips

Turner-prize nominee Ciara Phillips is the latest artist to develop a design for Dazzle Ship Scotland. Every Woman, a public art commission by Edinburgh Art Festival and 14-18 NOW, adorns the iconic vessel MV Fingal at Leith Dock, in Edinburgh. The project celebrates the Dazzle technique, created by British artist Norman Wilkinson during the First […]

Jude's ice cream

Jude’s Ice Cream, by ASHA

ASHA has redesigned the packaging and branding for British ice cream brand Jude’s. The design features new colour combinations and an ice cream kite mark bearing the words “Great British ice cream”. Wanting to move away from previous designs involving traditional Cornish scenes and hand-labelling, ASHA says it was inspired by other luxury ice cream competitors. The new packs […]

Virgin Active Inclass

The Pack digital cycling game, by Wolff Olins

Consultancy Wolff Olins has designed a new digital game that will be used in Virgin Active gyms to transform cycle classes. The Pack is a series of interactive games designed to transform the solitary cycling experience into a series of group challenges. Gym users are presented with four Pack Challenges per class, which are broadcast on-screen for competitors to […]

Cardboard furniture, by A4Adesign

A children’s chair has been designed out of cardboard, which aim to be quick to assemble and a “game of dexterity”. Single for Kids was previewed at this year’s Milan Design Week, and comes in four different styles, which are made up of different colours and geometrical patterns. The makers say it takes up little […]

Hoxton Mini Press Series, by various artists

Publisher Hoxton Mini Press has released a new series of books, which aims to celebrate “bold, playful, art photography”. The Mini Mini series is comprised of small, collectable books by artists and photographers from around the world, which aim to “broaden the appeal of art photography”, says the publisher. The three photography-based books in this […]

Cancer Research UK brand system, by SomeOne

Consultancy SomeOne has created a new design system for Cancer Research UK and its portfolio of services. The new system involves a way to “signpost” the five main groups, which are Discovery Research, Translational Research, Clinical Research, Population Research and Research Careers. SomeOne created pictograms for each one, based on constructions of molecular models. They […]

Lexus: An Encounter with Anticipation, by Formafantasma

Consultancy Formafantasma has created a series of installations for car brand Lexus’ design space at Milan Design Week. The installations were designed to fall in line with the Lexus Design Award 2016, which was focused around the theme of Anticipation. Lexus: An Encounter with Anticipation, includes 16 stools that are finished to replicate a Lexus flagship […]

Flatpack Film Festival identity, by Monokrom

Monokrom has created the identity for the 2016 edition of Birmingham’s Flatpack Film Festival, which marks the event’s tenth anniversary. Monokrom’s Justin Hallström says: “To mark this occasion they wanted to do something a bit different, but not straying away from the established graphic identity of the inverted F. My approach literally builds on the […]

Bowthorpe branding, by Valiant

Valiant has created the naming and branding for luxury handstitched dog collar specialist Bowthorpe. The consultancy is currently developing packaging solutions before the website work begins.

The Mona Foundation branding, by The Team

Consultancy The Team has rebranded education charity the Mona Foundation, using building blocks as a graphic device to demonstrate steps of learning. Creative lead Anthony Coombes says that the logo aims to symbolise “how an individual builds layers of experience and knowledge to benefit their future”. The Mona Foundation is a charity which provides funding […]

Cocoa Hernando, Matt Sewell

Illustrator Matt Sewell has illustrated these new chocolate boxes for Cocoa Hernando, a travel-inspired chocolate brand. Sewell has made four designs for China, India and Himalayan-inspired products referencing scenes from each country. The designs have also been made into posters.

Nib + Ink, by Chiara Perano

A new book encouraging people to perfect calligraphy has been released to highlight the skill as a “visual art”. Nib + Ink, by Chiara Perano, allows people to practice their handwriting, and develop their own style of letterforming and type. Chiara Perano is the founder at consultancy Lamplighter London, and focuses on calligraphy and illustration.

Sarah Straussberg branding, by Stevie Wilcox

Jewellery brand Sarah Straussberg has been rebranded, with the new visual identity based around a “double-S” symbol. The new branding, designed by Stevie Wilcox, uses “geometric shapes and sliced circles” to create the initials. Founder at the company Sarah Straussberg says the updated visual identity aims to “express the geometric essence” of her jewellery, and “make […]

Hill and Friends London Fashion Week film, by Construct

Construct has created a film for fashion brand Hill and Friends, which previewed at London Fashion Week. The 12-minute film, titled The Happy Factory, is described by the consultancy as: “a uniquely humorous exploration of the fictitious Hill and Friends factory, with diverse references to Monty Python, Mr Men, The Pink Panther, Batman and The Italian Job”. Construct […]

Umbro Medusae campaign, by LOVE

LOVE has developed a brand campaign to launch Umbro’s new Medusae football boot. The consultancy says: “Clashing the worlds of football and magic, our creative idea hinged on an extraordinary execution across all consumer touch points. “Replacing the traditional plain shoebox, the agency created a limited edition box of tricks for the Medusae. Given to players […]

Super Jay beer, by PWW

Consultancy PWW has created its own craft beer, Super Jay, starting with the brand identity and then developing a beer from that. The consultancy says: “During the process, we have an ethos that means the brand identity comes first and the flavour comes second. “We have designed a characteristic logo and identity, and now we’re […]

HeforShe gender diversity report design, by Alphabetical

Consultancy Alphabetical has been appointed to work with gender equality campaign HeforShe. The first design project involved visualising a report looking at gender diversity figures of 10 of the world’s biggest companies. It aims to offer “transparency” that will allow companies to assess their gender equality honestly. The consultancy says it developed a concept that […]

Go Gos visual identity, by Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher has designed the visual identity for healthy children’s food brand Little Dish’s snack range Go Gos. The new design brings the “Little Dish characters all together for the first time”, says the consultancy, and is “vibrant, informative and active”.

Ted Baker Valentine’s Day microsite, by SMACK

Consultancy SMACK has designed an interactive online Valentine’s Day campaign for Ted Baker, which sees users “go fishing”. The Ted Baker Solemates microsite uses “psychedelic graphics and bespoke illustrations”, says SMACK, as part of a fishing game to find a match. If users find a “match”, they’re invited to enter their details for a chance […]

Ella’s Kitchen baby dry cereal packaging, by Biles Inc.

Consultancy Biles Inc. has redesigned the packaging for baby cereals from Ella’s Kitchen. Anthony Biles, principle at the consultancy, says Biles Inc. wanted to build on the brand’s “existing assets”, “boost brand personality”, and “simplify the range navigation”. He adds the design intends to keep the packaging “clean, simple and child-like”.

Chocolatexture bar, by nendo

Nendo has designed a textured chocolate bar which aims to provide a varied eating experience. The chocolatexture bar is made of the same “raw material” but uses “diverse textures”, says the consultancy, which aims to create different tastes. The bar of chocolate is divided into 12 different textures, which allow eaters to enjoy “a new […]

Pure Ride branding and interiors, by Caulder Moore

Caulder Moore has designed the interiors and branding for a new cycle exercise studio owned by gym chain Pure Gym. Pure Ride aims to be a “premium” spin studio, says Caulder Moore, which opens up the “affordable” fitness chain to a new market. There are two studios in the space, for workout routines and training. The […]

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