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Don’t Talk Just Kiss book, by Marcus Kraft

Don’t Talk Just Kiss – Pop Music Wisdom (by Marcus Kraft) from Studio Marcus Kraft on Vimeo. Swiss art director and designer Marcus Kraft has designed and edited a new book called Don’t Talk Just Kiss. The book is based on Kraft’s collection of “songs of wisdom”, which he has curated and calligraphed over the […]

Penguin Random House Student Design Award shortlist, by various

Penguin Random House UK has revealed the shortlist for its 2017 Student Design Award, which sees students from all over the country recreate classic book covers. A total of 30 book cover designs have been selected from over 2,100 submissions, with 10 shortlisted entrants for each category. The categories include adult fiction, adult non-fiction and […]

TypeNotes Issue #1, by Fontsmith and The Counter Press

Type foundry Fontsmith has launched a new print magazine called TypeNotes that is dedicated to typography and graphic design. Designed by The Counter Press, the overall look of the magazine is inspired by a traditional ruled notebook. It features various Fontsmith typefaces including FS Sally, FS Maja, FS Siena, FS Lucas, FS Elliot and FS […]

These Islands, by Cereal and Studio Faculty

Cereal has published a new book which features photography, prose and poetry relating to the British Isles. Covering England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, These Islands: A Portrait of the British Isles uses a minimal, white, grey, navy and dark green print design coupled with tracing paper pages and a white, serif typeface, making photography and […]

Redesigned Puffin classic book covers, by Pantone and Puffin

Book publisher Puffin has worked with Pantone to give its children’s classic novel collection a modern makeover. The book covers have been redesigned taking on the style of Pantone’s colour cards, taking on block colours that resonate with the book in some way. The title and author of the book is then bordered off at […]

Civilian issue zero, by various

A new biannual magazine called Civilian has been launched by a number of London and New York-based writers, editors, artists and designers which focuses on “travel, intelligence and irreverence”. The 72-page “issue zero” has been edited by Civilian founder Mark C. O’Flaherty, and includes features ranging from new forms of architectural design in the Maldives […]

Edwardidot, by Emily Richards

Last week, graphic designer Sarah Hyndman released her new activity book How to Draw Type and Influence People through Laurence King. It asks its readers to test their imaginations and their pen skills by thinking about the different personalities typefaces might have, along with how they might sound, taste, feel and smell. We spoke to […]

Social Housing: Definitions and Design Exemplars, by Alexander Boxill

Alexander Boxill has designed a book and accompanying exhibition titled Social Housing: Definitions and Design Exemplars. Both the exhibition and book look at 24 case studies from six European countries that take a novel approach to social housing practices, including UK-based architectural group Assemble. A yellow, white and black colour palette and bold typography are […]

Daniel Buren Underground book, by TSOWC

The Studio of Williamson Curran (TSWOC) has designed a new book which documents the permanent installation at Tottenham Court Road Underground Station by French artist Daniel Buren. The London-based graphic design studio was commissioned by publisher Art/Books and Transport for London (TfL) initiative Art on the Underground to create the book. It has been edited […]

Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move, by Rebecca Roke

Architecture and design writer Rebecca Roke has released a new book which looks at mobile, portable and movable architectural structures, called Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move. Designed by StudioKanna, the book features photos of more than 250 mobile architectural structures, ranging from tents and caravans to designs that look to tackle social issues such as […]

Perdiz issue eight, by Querida Studio

Barcelona-based Querida Studio has designed the eighth issue of Perdiz magazine, with cover design by Spanish artist Carlota Guerrero. The magazine describes itself as being a title about “people and the things that make them happy”, with features on individuals including a university professor who trains his own flea circus and a roundabout fanatic from […]

Oia Council place branding, by Yarza Twins

Yarza Twins has designed the place branding for Oia Council’s tourist department, a small town based in Galicia, Spain. The identity emphasises the area’s outdoor activities such as surfing and historical tourist spots such as the monastery. The London-based studio has created an identity which sees the name Oia stacked vertically, as well as a […]

Invisible Outlines, by Nendo

Japanese consultancy Nendo has designed a series of objects which aim to blur the lines of what can and cannot be perceived as physical objects. The collection looks at how outlines and borders enable people to subconsciously recognise objects, even if these outlines are not filled in. 16 collections were created, including “border table”, which presents […]

The Big Issue art special edition, by Charming Baker

Artist Charming Baker has guest edited the new art-themed special edition of The Big Issue magazine. Based on the theme of “tipping point”, the issue will explore “key decisive moments that lives can hinge on”, says Baker. A range of artists and designers have been asked to pick one piece of their work that represents […]

Football Editions issue two, by NotOnSunday

London-based brand consultancy NotOnSunday has released the second issue of its Football Editions magazine. Following on from issue one, which focused on football icons, the second issue is inspired by the African Cup of Nations football competition held earlier this year. African Stars celebrates some of the continent’s most famous players, creating a colourful pattern […]

Hello Hull magazine, by Studio Anorak

Studio Anorak has released the second issue of its illustrated children’s magazine, Hello Hull. The project has been commissioned as part of Hull’s No Limits learning programme to coincide with it being the UK’s City of Culture 2017. Printed on matte paper, the magazine is designed to be part-activity book, part-logbook and a place for […]

Art Record Covers, by Francesco Spampinato

Writer and historian Francesco Spampinato has compiled an anthology of record cover art from the 1950s up until the present day. The book highlights 500 covers and records, spanning styles including modernism, pop art, postmodernism and contemporary. Featured artists include Jean-Michel Basquiat with his urban hieroglyphs for his own Tartown record label, Banksy’s stenciled graffiti […]

Fashion Revolution fanzine, by Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution has published the first issue of its eponymous fanzine, called #001 Money Fashion Power. The issue looks to explore “the hidden stories behind our clothing”, highlighting factors such as how consumers can use their purchasing power to make a positive difference for garment workers. The Fashion Revolution team has collaborated with a series […]

Wild Animals of the South, by Dieter Braun

German illustrator Dieter Braun has designed a book featuring illustrations of wild animals from the southern hemisphere. Wild Animals of the South includes colourful illustrations of elephants in Africa, kangaroos in Australia and blue whales in the ocean, with accompanying descriptions. It is a follow up to Wild Animals of the North, and will be […]

Custom Lettering of the 20s and 30s, by Rian Hughes

Illustrator and designer Rian Hughes has produced a new book compiling the hand-drawn lettering which characterised the book covers, magazines, posters and advertising of the inter-war years. Custom Lettering of the 20s and 30s features over 6,500 images, with a foreword by US author and cartoonist Zavier Leslie Cabarga. The book will be published by […]

Paper blue tit, for Waitrose Weekend, by Lisa Lloyd

Designer and illustrator Lisa Lloyd has created this paper cut blue tit, which features on the front cover of the current issue of Waitrose Weekend magazine. The commission has also been made into a small set of prints and readers stand to win one of five if they enter a competition.

What’s So Great About the Eiffel Tower?, by Jonathan Glancey

Jonathan Glancey is set to release a book called What’s So Great About the Eiffel Tower? The book looks at the famous so-called masterpieces of architecture – such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – with a fresh set of eyes. Glancey also showcases some forgotten and underrated architectural […]

Hipstory, by Amit Shimoni

Illustrator Amit Shimoni has designed a set of postcards which reimagine famous world leaders as modern-day hipsters, accompanied by biographies written by Stephen Ellcock. Featured politicians include Barack ‘Barrie OB’ Obama, ‘Hilly’ Clinton and – of course – a hipster, quiffed version of Donald Trump. The bound set of 20 postcards will published by Laurence […]

“Don’t do this at work” code of conduct, by Telia and Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins has designed the corporate code of conduct for employees of Swedish telecommunications company, Telia. While codes of conduct are “typically dry manuals rarely read or engaged with by anyone”, the consultancy says it looked to make the design and tone of “Don’t do this at work” much more fun and engaging for employees. […]

Modern Life, by Jean Jullien

Illustrator Jean Jullien has released his first first monograph, which 150 of his commissions and Instagram posts in one place. Modern Life highlights Jullien’s humorous observations of daily life, and includes a foreword by actor Jesse Eisenberg. The book is available from TeNues for €24.95 (£21.64).

Swifty: Funky Typo Grafix, by Paul Bradshaw and Ian Swift

Ian ‘Swifty’ Swift has designed a new book tracing the history of his work as a graphic designer. The 374-page book reveals aspects of Swift’s design process, showing the evolution of different typefaces and logos he has created, the layouts and mock-ups for various album artworks and magazine spread designs. It also features interviews with […]

Archidoodle City: An Architect’s Activity Book, by Steve Bowkett

Author and illustrator Steve Bowkett has produced a new book called Archidoodle: An Architect’s Activity Book. Aimed at budding architects and creative thinkers, the book features 75 architectural challenges for the reader to tackle, with briefs including designing an imaginary city and creating a new park for New York. It also includes several examples of […]

The Jungle Book, by MinaLima

MinaLima has designed a series of illustrations for the new edition of The Jungle Book, published by Harper Design. The jungle-themed cover design features illustrations of characters such as Mowgli and Baloo, and the studio has also designed pull-out illustrations which appear inside the book. The Jungle Book retails at £20, and is available from […]

Circular Issue 19, by Domenic Lippa and Jeremy Kunze

Pentagram partners Domenic Lippa and Jeremy Kunze have designed the latest issue of Circular, the annual journal published by the Typographic Circle. For Issue 19, the designers invited design and cultural editors to choose different subjects of interest, including Adrian Shaughnessy of Unit Editions and Jeremy Leslie of MagCulture. The design of the issue has […]

Royal Mail Yearpack 2016, by Studio Up

Studio Up has designed this year’s Royal Mail Yearpack, subtitled The Stamps Behind the Stories. The pack features synonymous window shapes each containing a collage of stamps, as well as some text highlighting the story behind them.

Posture magazine redesign, by Lotta Nieminen

Lotta Nieminen has redesigned Posture, a biannual print magazine which explores subjects including gender, sexuality, race and feminism through art and fashion. The designer was commissioned by media incubator, Wayward Wild. The first edition with the new design, “The Boss Issue”, includes features on transgender modelling agency pioneer Pêche Di, British artist Shantell Martin and […]

Body: A Graphic Guide to Us, by Steve Parker and Andrew Baker

Body: A Graphic Guide to Us is the visual guide to the human body, featuring information collated by author, Steve Parker, and illustrations by Andrew Baker. The book breaks the human body into thematic sections, including physical, chemical, genetic, sensitive, coordinated, thinking, growing and medical. Body: A Graphic Guide to Us is published by Aurum […]

The Fox and the Star exhibition, by William Morris Gallery

The William Morris Gallery in London has announced an exhibition of Coralie Bickford-Smith’s book, The Fox and the Star. The exhibition will look at how the book was conceived and produced, with original illustrations, proofs and exhibits going on display for the first time. It will also explore the relationship between the book and William […]

In the City, by HeyWow

Children’s book publisher HeyWow – which creates personalised picture books for children featuring their name and photo – has released its first book, In The City. The book is designed to be a seek & find adventure, featuring 12 busy city scenes where the child has to search for themselves within them. In the City […]

G. F Smith paperstand, by Studio Makgill

Studio Makgill has designed a revolving G. F Smith paper station, which will be used in universities to introduce students to its selection of papers. Decorated in pop coloured shades of the Colorplan range, the paper station will allow students to explore 17 different G. F Smith paper samples.

Isaac Newton’s Principia reissue, by Kronecker Wallis

Publishing house Kronecker Wallis has launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish a new edition of Isaac Newton’s Principia, to coincide with the 330th anniversary of its original publication. Kronecker Wallis hopes to bring together the disciplines of science and design with the new edition, which features a clean and minimal aesthetic juxtaposed with petrol blue […]

Cormorance, by Nick Hayes

Nick Hayes has created a graphic novel which tells the story of a girl and boy in a deserted reservoir. The book is designed to be a “wordless fable”, with the story being told purely through visual imagery. Cormorance is published by Jonathan Cape, and will be available from 20 October via

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary: Volume 1, by John Reppion and Leah Moore

SelfMadeHero is set to publish a graphic novel adaption of various short stories by M.R. James. Written by John Reppion and Leah Moore, the book will reimagine four of his most famous ghost stories. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary: Volume 1 is published on 27 October and will be available to buy from here.

Living Shakespeare essays, by True North for British Council

True North has designed a collection of essays exploring the relevance of Shakespeare in society today, by looking at the context and connection that Shakespeare has around the Globe. The British Council and GREAT Britain campaign series includes Nobel-prize winning writers, politicians and others looking at how Shakespeare has a connection with their society. True North has […]

An Arts & Crafts Colouring Book, by the V&A and Thames & Hudson

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) has produced a colouring book featuring famous patterns from its collection by William Morris and Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. The patterns included in the book are organised into four sections: nature, colour, pattern and craft. Published in collaboration with Thames & Hudson, the colouring book will be available […]

Audubon: On the Wings of the World, by Fabien Grolleau and Jérémie Royer

Nobrow has published a graphic novel that centres around explorer John James Audubon’s ornithological quest across America during the 19th century. Written by Fabien Grolleau and illustrated by Jérémie Royer, the book is based on Audubon’s own retellings of his travels. Audubon is available from for £15.99.

Herbarium book, by Caz Hildebrand

Cofounder and creative partner at Here, Caz Hildebrand has created an illustrated compendium of 100 herbs. Herbarium is designed to enrich our understanding of the “uses, cultural associations and pleasures of herbs”, according to Here. Herbarium is published by Thames & Hudson and is available to buy now.

Life on Instagram, by Jim Stoddart

Jim Stoddart has curated the first anthology of Instagram, showcasing creative and inspiring images taken by some of the social media app’s 500 million users. The Penguin art director has selected hundreds of photos, ranging from models backstage at a fashion show in Shanghai to an alleyway in central Kabul, Afghanistan. Life on Instagram is […]

Cut that Out: Contemporary Collage in Graphic Design, by DR.ME

DR.ME founders Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards have produced a book that looks at the use of collage by contemporary graphic designers. The book focuses particularly on approaches to collage in the era of the World Wide Web and social media. It features 50 designers and studios from 14 different countries, including Stefan Sagmeister, Mat […]

In Fine Style: The Dancehall Art of Wilfred Limonious, by Christopher Bateman

Christopher Bateman has authored the first retrospective of Wilfred Limonious, otherwise known as the “visual architect” of dancehall, the genre of music born in 1980s Jamaica. Limonious, who was a newspaper cartoonist at the time, became known for designing many dancehall artists’ album jackets and record-label logos. The book features many of these works, along […]

Elle magazine redesign, by Suzanne Sykes

Elle magazine has been given a fresh look by creative director, Suzanne Sykes. The redesign includes a new 300gsm cover and a 16-page Elle Collective section, printed on matt 100gsm paper stock, and created to be suitable for brand partnerships. The September issue is available in five different cover options for Elle readers to choose […]

Kiosk: Neighbourhood Essays magazine, by IYA Design and The Rig Out

IYA Design has carried out the design for The Rig Out’s new print magazine, which focuses its content on King’s Cross in London. Kiosk: Neighbourhood Essays’ first issue features Phoebe Collings-James on the cover, shot by Will Robson-Scott. The magazine sets out to “embrace the new creative forces that are shaping London while also acknowledging […]

Jon Burgerman’s Burgerworld: A Colouring Book, by Jon Burgerman

Illustrator Jon Burgerman has released a colouring book focusing on “less mindfulness, more mindlessness”. Published by Laurence King, the book explores the strange monster and mind-boggling creature filled land of Burgerworld. Readers are encouraged to break out all of their colours and go “full psychedoodlic” (psychedelic and doodle) while using the book, as well as […]

Home Economics book, by The Spaces

The Spaces is set to release a book to accompany the British Council’s Home Economics exhibition at the British Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale. Home Economics looks at the place that we all spend hours, weeks and years in: the home. Instead of asking architects to redesign houses, the book proposes five new models for domestic […]

Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook, by Paul Smith and Richard Williams

Before he became a designer, one of Paul Smith’s earliest ambitions was to become a professional cyclist, according to his new book. Nowadays however, he’s more likely to be seen collecting old wool cycling jerseys at weekly markets in Florence and New York while on one of his business trips. Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook compiles […]

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