A Bigger Spectrum book design, by Silas Amos


Designer Silas Amos has written and art directed a book, which looks at the advantages of the digital print format.

A Bigger Spectrum, produced in association with HP, looks at how digital print will affect the branding and packaging sectors, and includes examples of brands using the technology creatively.

Amos has collaborated with designer James Lunn on the design of the new book, and included an introduction by Mark Bonner, founder of consultancy GBH.

It also includes a single copy art print unique to each book, created by designer Supermundane.

There are 600 copies of the printed book, alongside an eBook.

HP_Book_11_01_1537609HP_Book_11_01_1537612HP_Book_11_01_1537614HP_Book_11_01_1537627HP_Book_11_01_1537629HP_Book_11_01_1537633HP_Book_11_01_1537658_02Photos courtesy of Benedict Morgan