Anti Female Genital Mutilation, by Fatma Al Mansoury


A graphic design student at Middlesex University has created a series of advertisements using fruit to depict the effects of female genital mutilation.

Fatma Al Mansoury, 20-years-old, won a silver prize in advertising competition the Creative Conscience Awards for “Anti Female Genital Mutilation”.

The campaign is composed of four adverts, which are designed for fictitious charity FGM Shelter. They show a halved cantaloupe and papaya being cut to “demonstrate the practice of FGM”, says the university.

“Since it’s a grotesque practice and a sensitive topic, people are too afraid or uncomfortable to get involved,” says Al Mansoury. “My way of raising awareness was through communicating it with fruit – a light way for the viewer to take in the message.

She adds: “By photographing a less invasive but compelling metaphor, the campaign shocks the viewer into realising the terror young girls are subjected to.”