Apple Macintosh, by Dorothy

In 1984, Steve Jobs launched the Apple Macintosh with this Orwellian-inspired advert. The slow and chunky home computer signalled the start of things to come for Apple, as well for its customers.

Art studio, Dorothy, has expressed its love for the first ever Mac by creating a three colour litho print, in which tiny people are busy at work inside a cutaway of the machine.

Just to ensure that it has gone full-geek, Dorothy has incorporated some Mac-user in-jokes into the print. Look out for the spinning wheel, 404 message and more.

Dorothy - 0111 Apple Mac Framed C WebDorothy - 0111 Apple Mac Mission Control A WebDorothy - 0111 Apple Mac Spinning Wheel A WebDorothy - 0111 Apple Mac Whole Image D WebDorothy - 0111 Apple Mac Whole Image E Web