BeeZero branding, by Greenspace


Consultancy Greenspace has created the branding for BeeZero – a new hydrogen car-sharing service set to launch in Munich this summer.

Greenspace founder Adrian Caddy says the name is a “positive call to action” aimed at consumers, to encourage them to try hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions transport. “It invites people to become part of a growing community of progressive, eco-minded leaders,” he says.

The word “Bee” is a metaphor for the service, because bees are “sociable community builders that symbolise eco-friendliness and work together for a common goal,” says Caddy. “Zero” indicates zero emissions.

The branding aims to be “playful”, and uses lines to connect the two words, to indicate motion – this aims to represent the “active, exploring nature of BeeZero’s target audience”.

The BeeZero concept is backed by gas and engineering company Linde.