The BFG Dream Jar Trail, for Save the Children, by various

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Maisie Williams

The likes of Stephen Hawking, Richard Branson and Naomi Campbell are sharing their dreams for a charity art project that will help raise money for Save the Children.

Leading artists including Jane Morgan, Romero Britto and Jill Berelowitz have also joined them in conjuring the spirit of Roald Dahl’s BFG and sharing their dreams. All of these dreams have been recreated as sculptures in giant jars.

The BFG is the tale of a young girl named Sophie and her friendship with a Big Friendly Giant who captures and releases dreams from Dream Jars.

In a brilliant twist, even Roald Dahl illustrator Quentin Blake has got involved with the project, making the whole thing very self-referential. Blake’s jar includes a drawing of a dream, which the BFG concocts in the book. Mind blown.

The dreams have been made into giant sculptures, which are already spread around the UK for people to find. An online auction to buy the dream jars [] is live now and closes on 31 August.

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By Sophie Dahl


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By Stephen Hawking
By Steven Spielberg
By Steven Spielberg
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By Jane Morgan
By Quentin Blake
By Quentin Blake
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By Jill Berelowitz