“Bright Idea” lamp, by Jean Jullien


Jean Jullien, the London-based French graphic artist, is set to light up people’s homes through a new collaboration with Case Studyo, which publishes and produces artworks by contemporary artists. Instead of creating a sculpture or illustration, Jullien has designed a lamp in the shape of one of his signature, sharply-outlined characters.

Made in a limited edition of just 25, Jullien says the lamp is “a three dimensional illustration that captures the feeling every creative is constantly chasing; the joy of a new insight, the eureka moment, a ‘Bright Idea’.”

Jullien approached the project in the same way that he would tackle a drawing, and the result is a humorous lamp that will undoubtedly brighten up the buyer’s day. “Bright Idea” comes with two hand-drawn face lamps, with different facial expressions.

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