The Clown Egg Register, by Luke Stephenson and Helen Champion

Penguin Random House is set to release a fun – or perhaps frightening, depending on your temperament – book of eggs painted as clowns.

The Clown Egg Register records over 250 clown faces painted onto eggs, to celebrate what the publisher describes as a “dying art form” that continues to “delight and terrify children and adults everywhere”.

Each dolled-up egg in the book is devoted to a real-life clown from history, and paired with a biography. The Clown Egg Register pays homage to the fact that, in the past, clowns would adopt a unique identity through their face paint and “would never copy the face of another”, a tradition started by Clowns International in 1946, says the publisher.

The Clown Egg Register has been written by Luke Stephenson – an author known for his “eccentricity” – and Helen Champion, who herself previously registered as a clown called Zenden. The eggs were painted by Kate Stone.

The book will be published on 30 March by Particular Books, which sits within Penguin Random House.