Colour-changing flowers, by Bompas and Parr


Bompas and Parr have collaborated with Perrier-Jouët Champagne to create what they say is the world’s first colour-changing flower. 

The installation has been created in the name of Valentine’s Day and sees flowers painted with thermochromatic ink. Thermochromatism is the property of substances to change colour due to a fluctuation in temperature and is one of several forms of chromatism.

There are two separate types of flowers which have been created. One has been treated with a liquid crystal dye that changes at 27 degrees celsius from a deep satin black to Champagne bottle green, giving an iridescent shimmer. 

The other has been treated with a black thermochromatic dye that is transformed at 31 degrees celsius. When it is sprayed with a perfumed “crystal elixr” and ignited, the heat of the flame reveals the flower’s original pigment. 

You can see the installation at the London Edition,10 Berners St, London W1T 3NP, from 11-14 February.