The Creative Circle identity, by Grey London

Ad agency Grey London has designed a new identity for advertising and marketing awards body, The Creative Circle.

The identity is designed to be “anarchic” and “angry”, says Grey London, with a new annual featuring pre-torn and screwed up pages, defaced photos of The Creative Circle’s president and jurors and ink deliberately splashed over the book’s pages.

Designer at Grey London, Matteo Alabiso, says: “This book isn’t about pretty, shiny awards. It’s a message to all of the odd ones out in this industry. With this in mind, our design ethos was to disrupt award category norms and the tired format that’s been built over the years. No shiny paper, no big picture.”

An additional series of numbered posters have been individually silk screened at Print Club in east London and feature handwritten prose from The Creative Circle president Vicki Maguire’s notepad.