Bluenext brand identity, by DixonBaxi


Bluenext, an Italian financial software company, has chosen consultancy DixonBaxi to design its new brand system and identity. Made to be flexible and sophisticated with a playful quality, the new design system was inspired by the beauty of numbers and uses an underlying grid system that can create hundreds of compositions.

Aporva Baxi, co-founder and executive creative director of DixonBaxi, says: “Working with Bluenext from the ground-up allowed us to not only develop a strategy to define the future of the business, but help express the ambition of the software company through a sophisticated, evolving brand system. Helping set a new standard of design and application and placing creativity at the heart of the company.”

The new brand identity aims to tell reductive visual stories that represent Bluenext’s “human, simple and agile” approach to technology. It also includes a new logo that features two keyboard arrows pointing inwards, to reflect focus and direction. DixonBaxi has created versions of the grid designs for business cards, phone covers, stationery and catalogues, as well as for the Bluenext mobile phone site.