Drake sketchbook, by Champion Illustration

Cover by Kelsey Wroten
Cover by Kelsey Wroten

If you thought that there couldn’t be another way to bring Drake into your life, you would be wrong. Thanks to arts agency, Champion Illustration, you can now hold, and/or cradle, sketches of Drake in your very own hands. It’s your very own “Drizzy diary”, as Champion Illustration say.

As well as selected sketches from Champion Illustration artists, such as Jason Sturgill, Anneka Lange and Marja de Sanctis, Sketches From The Six also contains Drake-inspired quotes and blank coloured paper for your own Drake-spirations.

Buy a copy of the sketch book, or have a look at Champion Illustrations’ other Drake themed creation, the Drake Colouring Book, Under Star Projectors.

Anneka Lange
By Anneka Lange
Marja de Sanctis
By Marja de Sanctis
Thomas Slater
By Thomas Slater