Drink branding experiment, by Equator

Provided with just a blank sheet of paper and rows upon rows of empty bottles as inspiration, Equator tasked its design team with creating some unique infused spirit and liquor brands. 

The designers brewed and created the drinks before coming up with their own brief and designing a branding and packaging solution.

Examples included a tennis themed Wimblegin, and a rather gothic looking Dark Angel rum, which contains liquorice and features a plague doctor on the front of the bottle.

The team set about branding their concoctions by experimenting with new skills like glass painting, hand etching UV inks and decoupage, to create a look and feel that delivered the same level of innovation as the experimental new flavours.

The designs were revealed during an event with Equator’s long-standing client, The Co-op. 

Howard Wright, creative director, says: “It shows how involving creative thinkers at the beginning of a project can result in truly innovative products. We are already thinking what the next challenge will be.”