Edwardidot, by Emily Richards

Edwardidot, a combination of Edwardian Script and Didot

Last week, graphic designer Sarah Hyndman released her new activity book How to Draw Type and Influence People through Laurence King.

It asks its readers to test their imaginations and their pen skills by thinking about the different personalities typefaces might have, along with how they might sound, taste, feel and smell.

We spoke to Hyndman about her new book, and ran a competition asking readers to take part in one of its featured activities; combining two completely different typefaces by hand to create a new one.

The winner is 25-year-old, Bristol-based graphic designer Emily Richards, who has beautifully crafted “Edwardidot” – a hybrid typeface she has hand-drawn by combining bold, serif Didot and flowing, Edwardian Script.

Richard will now receive a copy of How to Draw Type and Influence People, courtesy of Laurence King and Design Week.