Empowering Local Radios site for UNESCO, by Addition


Addition has designed a website for UNESCO showing how a project to give local radio stations improved ICT capabilities is stimulating public debate, engaging communities with local issues and addressing gender inequality in developing countries.

Mirta Lourenco, Chief of Media Development and Society Section at UNESCO, says: “The success of this project needed to be shared, but we wanted to use digital media in an unconventional way for the sector, telling a story that would engage the audience and make them feel they would want to find out more and participate. The team worked very hard to realise the vision for the product and we are delighted with the result. ”

Addition has used audio visual content to show potential investors – particularly NGOs – the impact of the project with local communities.

The experience has been shaped using audience insight, storyboarding, copywriting, iterative design, prototyping and technical build according to Addition.