Escape the City branding, by Article

Article has created the “uncorporate identity” for Escape the City, a community organisation set up to help people “escape unfulfilling corporate jobs” to find work they love.

Article co-founder Joe Ryrie says: “Inspired by their anti-corporate principles and community ethos we ripped up the corporate identity rulebook – the whole identity is designed to be inconsistent, flexible and handmade rather than following strict rules about grids, logo sizes or geometric consistency. We’ve called it the ‘uncorporate identity.’

It is inspired by protest stencils of global grassroots movements. The logo, sub-brands and headline typeface are all stencils, so that anyone can cut them out of any material.

Ryrie says: “We want anyone in their community to be able to play and experiment with the brand, we chose Blackout as the lead typeface – an open source font that’s readily available to download for free.”