EURO 2016 Wall Chart, by Nirvana Creative Production House and Studio Blackburn


SB_2016Euro Wall Chart_VISUAL

Nirvana Creative Production House and Studio Blackburn have revealed their quadrennial tournament wall chart, which is designed to document the UEFA Euro 2016 championships.

The agency has taken a new approach this year and Paul Blackburn, of Studio Blackburn, has developed a variation on the chart’s traditional format.

Rather than inviting fans to write in fixtures and results as they are announced, the new chart pays homage to the Panini sticker albums favoured by football fans.

The chart is formed of an A1, white sheet with a selection of circular stickers, designed to provide a graphic representation of the colours of each participating nation.

These stickers are intended to create a “sea of colour”, which serves as a record of the tournament’s events and gives the chart’s owner an active, design role throughout its transformation.

Nirvana CPH Managing Director Spencer Wallace says: “One of the central tenets of wall chart design is interaction. We liked the idea that this year’s instalment could rethink and subtly alter that relationship; that’s why we’ve added an extra element in the form of circular stickers.”

The limited edition EURO 2016 wall chart is available on request from Nirvana CPH and Studio Blackburn.