The Floating Pocket Park, by Tony Woods

Busy, urban London is full of surprising green spaces, from Regent’s Park to Hyde Park. Not many of these currently float on water, however.

Garden designer Tony Woods has worked with developer European Land and Property Limited to create a water-dwelling park in Merchant Square, Paddington.

The Floating Pocket Park, which can hold 120 people, features seating, walkways over the water and a sheltered, shaded area, alongside a wildlife island planted with native, waterside plants, which aim to attract birds to nest.

The park, which connects to Little Venice canal, aims to create “an oasis in the West End”, according to Andrew Scrivener, CEO at European Land. But fear not; this green spot is not too far removed from urban city life. Wifi is available to encourage “out of office meetings” and “mobile working”, so emails (or dating apps) can still be checked. It never can get too tranquil in the capital.

The park has now opened to the public.