FS Siena typeface book, by Fontsmith


Fontsmith has put together a book showcasing the font foundry’s latest typeface, FS Siena.

The book displays the seven different weights and italics of FS Siena, which were developed by Jason Smith, Fontsmith founder, and Krista Radoeva, a designer for Fontsmith.

Jason designed the typeface roughly 25 years ago but it didn’t come to light until 18 months ago. Fontsmith have been developing it since.

The book showcases the font using a variety of body copy and headline fonts, while also including sketches on tracing paper to imitate how Smith first penned the typeface.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with it,” says Jason. “We see so much today that is samey.

“I wanted to bring some elegance back and develop a full set of weights that brands can use across a range of media, design and advertising.”