Food for All Seasons book design, by Here Design


Here Design, the consultancy that designed the Geometry of Pasta book and Yotam Ottolenghi’s Sesame restaurant, among many other food-related projects, has turned its attention to Oliver Rowe’s new book Food for All Seasons.

To create a bold new way of reading food, rather than relying on photography, lead designer Camille Blais developed illustrations that were based on Rowe’s writing. The aim was to create a useful book with a contemplative and personal nature, and the end result feels like a cross between a cookbook and a diary.

Caz Hildebrand, Here partner and designer, says: “It was a real opportunity to design Oliver’s book as a good read – not reliant on photography – that celebrates food making and seasonal recipes using only typography and illustration.”

The illustrations used in the book function almost as journal sketches, underlining the idea that readers can dip into the book throughout the year, trying new recipes as the seasons unfold.