For Jimmy identity, by SomeOne


SomeOne has created a new identity for foundation For Jimmy, which was set up following the murder of Jimmy Mizen in 2008.

The foundation was set up by Mizen’s parents Barry and Margaret who say: “Following the murder of our son Jimmy in May 2008, we as a family have been determined of two outcomes. We will not be beaten by his death and that something good will come from it”.

Rich Rhodes, design director at SomeOne says: We questioned what was really important – What is at the heart of the foundation? Why do they do what they do? Does it even need to be called a ‘foundation’? Which felt passive and static.

“The result of our questioning revolutionised the brand identity, no longer could the foundation be seen as static, or simply ‘a foundation’, but would have drive, passion, energy, modernity, a new meaning, a new name, in fact – what it’s all been about after all. ‘For Jimmy’.”

The previous identity featured a white feather and this is retained in the new branding. At the scene of his death, Jimmy had been found with a white feather floating next to him.

SomeOne says: “Renaming the foundation ‘For Jimmy’ placed Jimmy back at the heart of everything the foundation does and created a flexible, hard-hitting brand system. Employees, fundraisers and supports alike can now feel more purpose than ever before – Working for Jimmy, Fundraising For Jimmy, Campaigning For Jimmy.”