Galvanise exhibition, by Local Heroes

Glasgow-based social enterprise Local Heroes has curated an exhibition of furniture designed by Slaps.

The exhibition looks to be an “antidote to the ubiquity of minimalist design”, says Local Heroes, with the furniture also designed to withstand the Scottish weather.

Glasgow duo Slaps has created the Calm Tree and Glasgow-Rella seats, both of which are constructed from materials such as galvanised steel, plastic and PVC.

Calm Tree comprises a big, blue punching bag inspired by the anxiety-inducing local weather, with circular seating below that can hold up to 15 people.

Glasgow-Rella features four steps that people can sit on, covered by a yellow slice of cheese made from PU sheeting and a crispy piece of bacon made out of corrugated sheeting, with a taller pillar providing additional space to hold personal belongings.