Good & Proper Tea Company, by Kennedy Woods Architecture


Architect Kennedy Woods Architecture has designed the Good & Proper Tea Shop in Old Street, London and created an identity for the company.

The architect says it looked to move away from the “ascetic minimalism and pretension” of coffee culture by instead “balancing a sense of connoisseurship with comfort.

There was also the practical consideration of fitting everything into a 20x20m venue and coming up with a concept that could be rolled out to a second site.

Upcycling materials have insured that customers will have a memorable experience according to Kennedy Woods, which has integrated a bespoke counter-top bottle rack, which allows customers to smell and read about the teas while they queue and designed hand-made oak tea trays, engraved with the company logo and incised to snugly carry the Good & Proper teacups and teapots.

The only piece of furniture in the kiosk is a bespoke oak and steel bench built by local craftsmen. To make the most of the space, the bi-folding doors of the kiosk storefront open and allow customers to swing around and enjoy better weather.