GSA Mackintosh Campus Appeal, by various

Four silver spoons made by Helen Marriott incorporating hand forged nails retrieved from the Mackintosh Library

The Glasgow School of Art has unveiled a set of silver spoons and unique brooches featuring materials from their fire-damaged Mackintosh Building.

The items incorporate original material retrieved from Mackintosh Library, which was damaged by a fire in May 2014.

The first, a set of four silver spoons designed by Helen Marriot, joint Head of Jewellery and Silversmithing at the GSA, features a forged silver bowl joined to an original nail recovered from the Mackintosh Library.

The GSA has also revealed a collection of brooches created by Anna Gordon, Marriot’s equivalent in the School’s Jewellery and Silversmithing department.

The silver rock and crystal brooches include original fragments of paint, wood and cinder taken from the Mackintosh site.

The concept behind the items is to demonstrate how ‘creativity’ can come from ‘adversity’.

The designs will be auctioned to raise money for the GSA’S Mackintosh Campus Appeal in the USA, which contributes towards the school’s ongoing restoration project.

Marriot’s spoons will be featured in a public auction on 2 June, while Jordan’s brooches form part of an associated silent auction.Silver and rock crystal brooch by Anna Gordon incorporating original painted wood from the Mackintosh Building