G&V Royal Mile hotel suites, by Hatti Pattisson and others


G&V_005_290715 © Gerry OLeary[1]
Hatti Pattisson’s suite Into The Blue Bedroom
Edinburgh’s five star G&V Royal Mile hotel has redesigned its suites, undertaken by a variety of designers.

Artist and textile designer Hatti Pattisson designed two suites, styling them to “differ from each other, giving a variety of texture, colour and mood”, she says.

Pattisson designed the fabrics, created new paintings and picked furniture for the suites: The Castle Suite, based on views of Edinburgh Castle, and The Paradise Garden joined to Into The Blue Bedroom, based on shores of the Firth of Forth.

Other suites were designed by the likes of fashion designer Judy R Clark, artist Christine Clark and interior designer Jim Hamilton.

The hotel will be redesigning 136 more hotel rooms, as well as the bar and lobby area later this year.

G&V_012_290715© Gerry OLeary[1]

G&V_007_290715b© Gerry OLeary[1]
Hatti Pattisson’s suite The Castle Suite
G&V_014_290715© Gerry OLeary[1]

G&V_013_290715© Gerry OLeary[1]
Hatti Pattisson’s suite The Paradise Garden
All photos © Gerry O’Leary