Hand 01 table, by Hand Studio and G.F Smith

HAND 01 (c) Gu Photography (8)

Hand Studio and paper company G.F Smith have designed a DIY table made of birch plywood and fixed together with slot joints and hardly any screws or joints.

The table is fully stocked with a selection of papers embedded within it. The perforated sheets are secured in place in a using a bespoke hand-clamp system.

Ranging between 600mm and 2400mm – the boardroom size – the table can be both “statement furniture for design enthusiasts” and “a versatile, robust centrepiece for busy workshops, creative workspaces and studios of all kinds” according to the designers.

HAND 01 (c) Gu Photography (10)
HAND 01.1 Box 2 (c) Gu Photography
HAND 01.3 (c) Gu Photography (6)