Hanging Garden, by RCA Student Union

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RCA students have created a series of products to sell in a bid to raise money for a Hanging Garden at the college.

A crowdfunding page has also been set up as the students look to raise £15,000 for the project.

The idea is that a suspended, edible indoor garden will be created to supply food to the Student Union Café.

The hanging garden will be situated in the foyer space of the Dyson building. Three of the 6m high windows at the front of the building will be covered with plants.

The planting scheme will form a “plant library” retracing the history of “British food culture”. Plants will range from native British herbs such as chive and dill, to wild rocket as bought over by the Romans, to Indian Mustard from ex-colonies, as well as forgotten edible weeds such as garlic mustard.

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Bag being sold to raise money
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Plant pot being sold to raise money