Harper Collins Big Book Bonanza, by S-T


S-T has created the fantastical garden inspired brand identity for this year’s Harper Collins Big Book Bonanza.

The design for the annual touring event, which showcases new books for the coming year, plays on the idea that Harper Collins helps stories to “grow and flourish”, just like a garden.

The consultancy has worked with illustrator Jamie Jones and animation studio One Darnley Road to create a multi-coloured garden with books replacing leaves on trees and plants and people chasing book-butterflies with nets.

The garden theme has also been used for display boards and tote bags and the event invitation, which has a fold-out gate.

BBB_19BBB_17BBB_16BBB_15BBB_12BBB_09BBB_08BBB_06BBB_05BBB_04BBB_02BBB_01Animation by One Darnley Road, Illustration by Jamie Jones