Hennessy cognac packaging, by Appartement 103 and Peter Saville

Appartement 103 - Hennessy VSOP_1

The V.S.O.P Privilege blend packaging is a collaborative effort by Peter Saville and Parisian consultancy Appartement 103. It features metallic packaging, embossing and matt and varnish finishing.

Saville has been inspired by chromatography – a laboratory process for separating mixtures – and the design has looked to both art and science according to Appartement 103.

Consultancy creative director Julien Zylbermann says: “Our challenge for this task had two pillars. On one side, we had to perfectly respect Peter Saville’s signature graphic style while ensuring that Hennessy’s core brand identity remained intact and well expressed on the pack.

“It’s a delicate balance that we successfully reached, supported by our strong and global understanding of the brand”.

Appartement 103 - Hennessy VSOP_2
Appartement 103 - Hennessy VSOP_3