I Scream Factory at Habitat, by various


I-Scream-Factory_John-Gribben_Sprinkle_1500px 72dpi - 1
John Gribben, Sprinkle

Art collective I Scream Factory is back curating a new show, which will be hosted by Habitat. True to form, ice cream will be a metaphor and sometimes a medium for artists and photographers to investigate. This time the constant distractions of our “always on” culture are also under the microscope.

I Scream Factory curator Alexandra Plesner says: “The exhibition plays with the desire to put the focus back on the present moment, to take a unique and refreshing perspective on peoples lives and dreams.”

I Scream Factory at Habitat runs from 20-30 August, Platform Gallery, Habitat King’s Road, London, SW3 5XP


I-Scream-Factory_Sara-Mautone_vinetta4_1500px 72dpi
Sara Mautone, Vinetta
I-Scream-Factory_Takeshi-Suga_redspiderlilly2_1500px 72dpi
Takeshi Suga, Redspiderlilly
I-Scream-Factory_Lena-Vazhenina_mouth1_1500px 72dpi
Lena Vazhenina, Mouth