Ikea Art Event 2017 poster collection, by various illustrators

Shelfie, by Jean Jullien

Ikea has launched a new limited edition collection of art in-store which aims to make art more accessible to the every-day person.

The Art Event 2017 series of 12 posters are priced at £10 each, and have been hand-drawn by illustrators such as Jean Jullien.

Henrik Most, creative leader on the project, says it aims to convey Ikea’s “vision” that “art should be affordable”. “Art belongs in the home, not just in galleries or museums,” he says.

The artists have used charcoal, crayon, graphite and pen and ink to create the posters, which are 61cm x 91cm and a mix of landscape and portrait. They will be available in Ikea stores from April for a limited time.

Life is Pay the Bill, by Hahan
We are one, by Hell’O
Naive Suave – Imaginary Band 170, by Koen Taselaar
Keep It Mello, by Steven Harrington
Matsuri, by Yasuto Sasada
Big Audio Dyn-o-mite!, by Kevin Lyons
Nightwalk, by Ragnar Persson
Around a table, by Janna Concejo
Rainbows, by Amandine Urruty