Lamb Weston innovation centre interiors, by Williams Murray Hamm

WMH, Lamb Weston innovation centre interiors
WMH, Lamb Weston innovation centre interiors

Frozen potato product supplier Lamb Weston bought in Williams Murray Hamm to design a new “state of the art innovation centre” in the US, featuring interior graphics that read “take a walk in our potato dreamland.”

Williams Murray Hamm had previously created a new identity for Lamb Weston’s global business, and was brought in to work on the overall theme and interiors for the innovation centre in March this year.

The interiors use the same “playful design” of WMH’s identity, with bright colours and large wall graphics used throughout. These designs aim to bring to life the new Lamb Weston brand positioning as “the most inventive potato company in the world.”

The site is open to both Lamb Weston staff and to the public, and features co-creation spaces, functioning kitchens, a pilot line, and interactive areas.

Deborah L. Dihel, senior director of research and innovation at Lamb Weston, says, “WMH’s design communicates our history of successful innovation, yet at the same time, inspires all who enter to be futuristic, be inventive and make their potato dreams a reality.”