Before I Leave programme, National Theatre Wales and Bwtîc

National Theatre Wales / Before I Leave

Cardiff-based studio Bwtîc has designed the programme for the National Theatre Wales production, Before I Leave.

The programme has been designed in a small-scale format and is stitched together to reduce the risk of “elbow-knocking nuisance” or “paper-folding fiddling”, says Bwtîc.

It features a bold yellow and black colour palette and comes with three alternative wrap-around covers, each profiling the six main cast members.

beforeileave_programme2National Theatre Wales / Before I Leavebeforeileave_programme_photo3beforeileave_programme_photo2BeforeILeave_Programme_Photo1BeforeILeave_Programme_Photo6BeforeILeave_Programme_Photo5beforeileave_programme_photo4National Theatre Wales / Before I Leave